Kasan – Drown – 91%

This album is so good I completely spaced out the first time I was listening to it and had to listen to it again. That’s a good thing as I need post-rock to pass the hours of my dull and boring office job. When I zone out to an album, that means it’s done it’s […]

Pan – These are the Things I Love and Want to Share Them With You – 91%

I absolutely love this album, Pan did everything right. It’s a very fun, unique, clever and uplifting album. I’m not big on vocals in my post-rock unless done right and Pan nailed it. An excellent combination of post-rock elements, math rock feel and  pop-ish approach to song writing. The music is full of life, eccentric and […]

Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra – The West Will Rise Again – 74%

This is a 4 track tour EP from Silver Mount Zion. Has a sort of low-fi feel to it that I can dig. No where near their best work though and I feel like this album really missed the mark with me. I found myself mostly uninterested with it, which is a shame because I […]

Crosses ††† – EP2 – 88%

Being a huge Deftones fan, I really like Crosses. I feel that anything Chino lends his voice to is a must check out album. I feel like these songs on EP2 offer a little more then the ones on EP1, more refined sound as if the band is coming into it’s own. I really dig […]

Surgeon – Surgeon EP – 95%

Absolutely brilliant guitar work here. The right combination of Intricacy and technicality, the band does a fantastic job on their epic build ups. They have a very distinct sound and vibe and this is simply a monster EP that could pass for an album. Every song just keeps getting better than the last! I’ve read […]

Air – Le Voyage Dans La Lune – 76%

Not Post-Rock. This one is way out there in the electronic world. Supposedly the band found inspiration from an early 1900’s silent filmed called “Voyage to the Moon” and made this album as a score to the recent re-edit of the film that’s been playing at festivals. I found this album smooth on the ears […]

Capillaries – Into The History of Light – 80%

I had only heard one song off this album prior to checking it out since I had liked what I heard. This album sounds eerily similar to This Will Destroy You and is well within the “3rd wave” post-rock styling. My biggest problem with this album and 3rd wave post-rock bands in general is that […]

Rems Floating Chandelier – Think of the Willows – 82%

While this album is on the more relaxed side of post-rock, I found that it did not flow very well and was all over the place. Despite that, some very unique tones can be found on this album and most of the songs are quality. At 28 minutes long it really feels like it ends […]

Nice Wings, Icarus! – Aurora – 86%

I was Initially disappointed by the length (39 minutes) and only 4 tracks but this album has grown on me over time. Their self titled debut is still my go to album of theirs, but this album shows great band progression and maturity.  I felt like some of the violin segments were forced throughout the […]

Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light Pt 2 – 85%

Outlandishly dark and methodically brooding, this is a fine sequel to part one. Probably the best sounding album in terms of sound staging and mixing that I’ve heard this year. Instruments are distinct with huge personality and feel.. Earth’s slow pacing makes them one of the most unique bands out there today. The tempo really […]