Canyons of Static – Farewell Shadows – 85%

I should preface by saying I did this review by listening to the album on the band’s bandcamp page since I refuse to support Oxide Tones. They’re continuously getting away with highway robbery by charging far too much for albums just because they are one of the few if not only companies that specialize in […]

If These Trees Could Talk – Red Forest – 87%

When I first heard “Above the Earth, Below the Sky” I fell in love with ITTCT. This new album, Red Forest, doesn’t quite blow me away the way that album did. This album is less atmospheric, more technical and much more mature than their 2009 effort. This is a fantastic record from one of the […]

Arbor Lights – Arbor Lights EP – 84%

A fun little EP by Arbor Lights. At just 17 minutes long its really over before it even begins. The first two songs are very poppy high energy numbers before the album takes a more serious tone with “Post-Rock/paper/scissors”. The EP flows well and other than being too short, it has a lot going on […]

Inspirative – When We Talk [ep] – 84%

Post Rock from Thailand! I absolutely love these guys, but it’s so hard to find their music. Without a bank transfer to Thailand you can’t even get their  first album, which is a real shame because it’s beautiful. When We Talk is a 3 track EP and more of the same great Inspirative I heard […]

The Flashbulb – Opus at the End of Everything – 88%

Not Post-Rock. A well mixed weave of soundscapes and electronic, this album has all the main components of what I look for in a solid downtempo electronic album. This is without question THE album to get if you want to check out The Flashbulb. The guitar work is elegant, the piano is sensual. The whole […]

Blonde Bear – Blonde Bear EP – 81%

This four-track offering by Blonde Bear, an australian band composed of two brothers is just over 20 minutes long. While good, it’s far too short and ends before you can really get a feel for their style.  And although I don’t care for the vocals, the rest of it is solid. 3/4/12 Pay what you […]

Millhaven – Automata EP – 83%

Definitely one of the more interesting sounding bands I’ve heard this year. Mellow and gentle most of the time with an occasional roar.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this 3-track EP. It’s a solid effort that shouldn’t go overlooked.  3/4/12 Pay what you want on bandcamp:

Pelican – Ataraxia / Taraxis EP – 93%

Huh? All of these songs are under 6 minutes. Is this the same Pelican that just a few years ago led us marching into the sea for 20 minutes? Yep, same Pelican! The intro song features a beautiful tune played over the building of a wall of guitar static. Lathe Biosas starts, an uptempo but […]

Landforge – Servitude to Earth – 95%

Similar to the Kasan album, I found myself spacing out during this one too for long stretches of songs. Beautifully layered distortion guitars and a nice slow methodical pace. This album is so incredibly and epic good that words can’t began to describe it. This is a timeless post-rock album, everything about it screams classic. […]

Sleepmakeswaves – Sleepmakeswaves [US EP] – 86%

This EP is fantastic and all the songs really sync together have great synergy. Chilling, relaxing, this is everything a post-rock album should be.  I particularly enjoy the prominent bass featured throughout the album. 3/18/12 Just $2 on Bandcamp!