Foofer Friday: Nathaniel Noton-Freeman – Cloud Machines

(Just so you guys know, everything I’m about to say is completely biased. That being said, take everything from here on with a grain of salt.) I’ve been listening to Nathaniel Noton-Freeman’s music ever since he posted Whorl on reddit over two years ago. To say that he’s progressed wouldn’t be entirely accurate. He’s had […]

Great Plains – Great Plains

When I was a bit younger, and didn’t have pesky grown-up problems like bills and rent payments and stuff, I would occasionally go to the record store and flip through albums with the idea that I was going to pick something up based off of the cover art. The idea here was that whatever the […]

Foofer Friday: The Echelon Effect – “Pacific”

  Reviewed by: Foofer A band that isn’t brand new, with more than one album to call their own? How exciting! … right? The Echelon Effect has been around a bit longer than most of the bands I’ve reviewed, having started in 2009. Since then they’ve been churning out music like a machine. “Pacific” is […]

Foofer Friday: Astralia – ‘Atlas’

Reviewed by: Foofer Since I’ve started writing these reviews, I’ve looked at music from very different parts of the world. Italy to Denmark, San Francisco to New York, Canada to Montreal… …wait a minute. Anyways, today we’ve got Spain’s representative, Astralia. A wonderful trio from La Floresta, which is about an hour and a half […]

Powder! Go Away – Closer to Cold

Reviewed by: James Hailing from about 150km south of Moscow from a town called Lukhovitsy, Powder! Go Away have returned to the scene with their latest release ‘Closer to Cold’ which saw release back in February. ‘Closer to Cold’ is the follow up to 2012’s ’We Don’t Know When It Has Begun, But We Know […]