Foofer Friday: Civil Protection – Stolen Fire

I love new bands. It feels like opening a new book, starting a new tv show, and meeting a new friend all rolled into one. Debut albums make me all giddy, and I always try to play the album in its entirety on my first listen, sometimes twice in a row if it’s not very […]

Before The Eyewall – Before the Eyewall

This record has been out for a while, and we’ve promoted it on the site before. I just feel like it needs a proper review to do it justice. Before The Eyewall’s full length debut is a raging monolith. This Ohio three piece not only know how to build up a track, they know how […]

Cinématique – Limbo

Reviewed by Shanexedge Gather ’round, readers. This is a story of a band from Vienna, Austria, and a video game created by a Danish company. There’s technically no connection, just that the newest album by the former (the 4 piece Cinématique) was inspired by the latter – both are named Limbo, and the atmosphere present […]

2013 Year End Awards

It has been a whirlwind year here at Postrockstar as we put the finishing touches on our first full calendar year reviewing and promoting all things relevant to the world of Post-Rock and instrumental music. This year we were able review 73 albums and promoted 150 other albums, constantly offering our readers fresh new music […]

Sleep Dealer – Imminence

When I signed up to review Sleep Dealer’s “Imminence” I’d only heard a few tracks in passing. I was too busy looking at pictures of cats to pay attention to what I was listening to. I didn’t know anything about this one-man band from Russia, but I figured that it isn’t too dissonant to be […]

The Shaking Sensations – Start Stop Worrying

(IamHop note: The reinforcements have arrived! Please welcome Foofer to the Postrockstar family. Foofer will be writing reviews for us going forward and joining the staff just in time to partake in our year end awards.) By Foofer I really love Start Stop Worrying. I really do. The Shaking Sensations really set the bar for […]

Snöhamn – Snöhamn

I’ve been somewhat obsessed over the last six weeks or so with the self-titled debut album that Snöhamn released back in October, yet I’ve been relatively hesitent to write this review. This album has sort of been my mental safehaven if you will, a place for me to stay close to familiar territory while feeling […]

Moving Mountains – Moving Mountains

Reviewed by: Shooter So I’ll address the elephant in the room. Moving Mountains are not a post-rock band. This is why this review is going to be a short one. That it’s even here is merely to pay some service to fans of this band’s past works. Moving Mountains is a band with such celebrated […]

Aesthesys – Ascendere

  My first exposure to Aesthesys came last year when I stumbled upon their 2011 album ‘Camera Obscura’ while doing some research on post-rock bands in Russia. Last year Postrockstar had a firm policy that we wouldn’t be reviewing any albums released prior to 2012 as to not open up our site to a sea […]

This Patch of Sky – Heroes & Ghosts

Just 15 months ago I sat down and penned (or rather, typed) a review for This Patch of Sky’s 2012 effort ‘Newly Risen, How Bright You Shine’. It is still sort of crazy to me that Postrockstar has been alive and kicking long enough to the point now we are starting to review the albums […]