Red Fire Ant – Red Fire Ant EP – 96%

Red Fire Ant are a post-rock band from France who just released their first EP earlier this year. Unfortunately the band doesn’t have a bandcamp page which is a shame because I find this 4-track 28 minute EP to be downright fantastic. The album kicks off with an absurd amount of energy and intensity with […]

Sinobola – Idea EP – 86%

I’m introducing a young band founded in 2010 in Poltave, Ukraine, who started with the relatively simple setup of two guitars and drums but then quickly added a bassist to round out their sound. As we will soon discover their sound feels far from simple, even in this short three song EP.  I do not […]

Earthmass – Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual) EP – 83%

The 4-piece band Earthmass was formed in February of this year and comes to us from Essex, South-East England. Self described as Progressive, Doom, psychedelic, Stoner Metal, I’ve been assured by a friend that this is definitely a more post-metal release than any of those genres so I’ve taken it upon myself to delve into […]

We Used to Have Horses – “Landscapes..” – 81%, “..Fly” – 82% and “The World..” – 86%

We Used to Have Horses is the laid back instrumental project of Niall Jones from Worchester, England. With workhorse mentality, He has already released 2 EP’s and an album in the first four months of the year and has no plans on stopping.  Without further ado, let’s get into the albums. Landscapes We Can Only […]

Good Weather For An Airstrike – This is as Good a Place as Any – 78%

“This Is As Good a Place As Any” is a short EP by Good Weather For An Airstrike, a one-man project from Winchester, UK. This 3 track EP, which is really one 12 minute long track and 2 extremely short tracks, is a tribute to his wife. I wouldn’t exactly call this post-rock, it’s more […]

Ruined Machines – Celestial Bodies Series Pts 1- 3: “The Sun EP” – 82%, “Mercury EP” – 84%, and “Venus EP” – 79%

Ruined Machines is the brainchild of Joseph Kenyon, a one-man band from New Jersey. “The Sun” is the first in “Celestial Bodies”, a monthly series in which Kenyon is collaborating with artist Michel Brodka to create a Solar System inspired music series with strict deadlines. I’m not quite sure how to approach reviewing this series […]

Caves of Steel – Troposphere/Magnetosphere EP – 85%

Caves of Steel are a four piece from Olso, Norway.  It seems like every other band I review these days are from that region of the world. We all know the music scene in America has gone to the dogs in terms of who is financially successful. Chris Brown and Deadmau5 sell out arenas while […]

Alcian – 2012 Demo EP – 83%

Alcian are a New York based 4-piece who bring to the table qualities most similar to Collapse Under the Empire. Their 2012 Demo was released in March and is 3 tracks topping 22 minutes in length. “Echoes Across the Sea” is the intro track and shoots out of the gate with crescendo and looping guitar […]

Agalloch – Faustian Echoes – 83%

There are few bands that are able to pull off songs that eclipse the 20 minute mark without losing my interest. My first forray into 20 minute epics was Rush’s “2112”. Then it was Dream Theater’s “A Change of Seasons”. Of course Opeth had their “Black Rose Immortal” and Pelican wowed us with “March into […]

The End of the Ocean – In Excelsis [EP] – 97%

If you weren’t aware the post-rock hotbed for America can be found in Columbus, OH. Not only is Columbus home to some guy named Ben Sharp (Cloudkicker), it’s also home to The End of the Ocean. The End of the Ocean are quite unlike any other post-rock band you’ve ever heard. Not because they feature […]