Empire of the Sea – Skywatchers EP – 81%

Formed in 2010, Empire of the Sea are a four-piece post-rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Their latest release is a 4-track EP called ‘Skywatchers’ that clocks in at around 25 minutes. This EP has a lot going on for it and shows a band experimenting with a wide range of sounds and ideas. I’ve listened […]

We’re All Ghosts – We’re All Ghosts ep – 79%

We’re all ghosts is a 4-piece post-rock band from Baltimore, Maryland who released this self titled debut EP through bandcamp in August. Beyond that, they are a relatively unknown band even to Postrockstar, with only around 125 likes on Facebook and a bandcamp page as their only real web presence. After snooping around, I learned […]

Review Round Up #4

té – Oto no Naka no ‘Keiren Teki’ na Bi wa, Kannen wo Koe Nikutai ni Otozureru Yasei no Senritsu EP – 80% Japanese post/math-rockers Té are explosive and aggressive in this EP which features 3 new tracks and a live show recorded earlier this year. Bold, heavy and rhythmic would best describe the three […]

Pray for Sound – Monophonic EP – 87%

“Monophonic” is the debut EP of Pray for Sound, a solo project from Massachusetts. In an interesting twist of affairs, the EP is partly result of hearing loss sustained by Bruce Malley (aka Pray for Sound), who used his medical struggles and hearing loss as inspiration to channel his creative and emotional sides while creating […]

Review Roundup #3

Toe – The Future is Now EP – 82% Japanese post/math rocker’s TOE are back with their latest release “The Future is  Now.” This is their latest release to 2009’s album “For Long Tomorrow” and is quite  short clocking in at just under 16 minutes over four tracks. Typical quirky and fun math rock blended […]

Miroist – The Pledge EP – 95%

Miroist is a djent/prog metal band based in London who’s influences include the likes of Cloudkicker, Meshuggah, Mogwai and Boards of Canada. The Pledge is their debut effort and is completely self funded as most smaller releases tend to be. at 20 minutes over 3 tracks. I’ve prepped my ears for the djent goodness that […]

Athletics – Who You Are Isn’t Enough EP – 83%

One of Deep Elm Record’s many great bands, Athletics are a 5-piece alternative-indie/post-rock band from Asbury Park, NJ. This is their follow-up effort to “Why Aren’t I Home?” and is a half hour of music over 5 tracks. Athletics brings to the table a mix of post-rock musical elements with indie style clean vocals and […]

Versa – Common Things EP – 79%

Currently unsigned, the British Columbia based post-rock/indie band Versa features 6 members with several others filling in on percussion. With two full lengths under their belt, Common Things is their latest offering, clocking in at 18 minutes over 4 tracks. The album begins with the title track that is a laid back number featuring vocals […]

If Anything Happens to the Cat – If Anything happens to the Cat EP – 84%

If Anything Happens to the Cat is a 4-piece from Gent, Belgium whose talents combine to create beautiful ambient post-rock that is beautifully bleak at times and relaxing at others. Although they’ve been playing shows since May of 2011 this EP is their debut release. The 5-track 31 minute EP begins with the slow-paced styling […]

Review Round Up #1

In an effort to catch up on the backlog of post-rock releases this year that postrockstar hasn’t reviewed yet, we’ll be doing short review wrap ups until we are caught up. This is the first installment of what shall now be known as “Review Round Up” Nathaniel Noton-Freeman – Whorl – 89% Nathaniel Noton-Freeman is […]