Waking Aida video – Glow Coin

Here is the video for the track Glow Coin from their album that is due for release on June 2nd. You can pre-order the album from their Bandcamp and catch them at any number of shows across the UK in June. 2nd June – Avondale House, Southampton 3rd June – Firebug, Leicester w/ Alpha Male […]

Body Hound – Rhombus Now

Reviewed by: TenaciousListening Technical music. Is it just showing off? Very often it is, but I do find myself drawn to it if the tracks work as tracks, rather than absurd wank-a-thons designed to stroke the ego of musicians who don’t know how to play for a song, but could definitely melt your God. Damn. […]

Row Boat – In Between

Reviewed By TenaciousListening Last week I reviewed Row Boat’s ‘Shallow Waters’ EP that was released this year. In the process of researching I found that a full album had also been released. This is it. ‘Shallow Waters’ is dark. ‘In Between’ is the dawning day, the rising sun; a lazy day with somebody that you […]

Row Boat – Shallow Waters

Row Boat. What a name. I saw it and thought, “Probably an indie, possibly math rock band”. I couldn’t really be much further from the truth, but it shows the power that a name can have. If you are not aware, like I wasn’t, Row Boat is the work of one man; multi-instrumentalist Mark Wardale. […]

Roundtable Review: Lowercase Noises – This Is For Our Sins

For the April edition of our Roundtable Review we’ve chosen ‘This Is For Our Sins’ by Lowercase Noises, the moniker of multi-talented ambient artist Andy Othling. To get a better of understanding of the meaning of this album and it’s importance, Andy penned the following to us when we received our copy of the album […]

Sora Shima – You Are Surrounded

Blinded by Audrey Fall’s fantastic debut album that instantly made its way to the top of my 2014 list I had been listening to that and also preparing myself for ArcTanGent Festival this year by gorging myself on releases by the many unmissable bands from their line-up. When perusing Reddit’sPostRocksubreddit I found a user who […]

OBE – Partners

Reviewed by: TenaciousListening OBE’s debut album, Partners, is an exhausting piece of work. The ideas flow thick and fast, the dual guitar attack is full of imaginative melodies and counter melodies whilst the rhythm section thankfully, lest they completely run away from each other, holds them together with generally simpler arrangements. Or that is the […]

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything

Nobody sounds quite like Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra. This is our Punk Rock, declares their 2003 album, and the aesthetics are there. This is protest music from a chamber band with passionate, but never romantic, scorn filled, angry, andever-hopeful lead and group vocals. Efrim’s vocals are the Marmite selling point; you either love […]

Roundtable Review: Mogwai – Rave Tapes

It’s the end the month which means it’s time for our second Roundtable Review of the year. This month we’re tackling a band who damn near is bordering on legendary post-rock status at this point. Needing no real introduction, this month we’re excited to examine Mogwai’s latest effort “Rave Tapes” , which saw a January […]

Degree of Arc – Halls In Hospitals

On occasion I will come across a release that just feels right, somehow. When I see an album the artwork tells me what I expect to hear when I press play. If, when I press that button, my thoughts are confirmed the album already has an unfair advantage towards winning me over (not that I […]