Roundtable Review – And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures

Artist And So I Watch You From Afar Album ‘All Hail Bright Futures’ Genre Post-Rock / Math-Rock Buy/DL bandcamp Web Facebook | Sargent House Label Sargent House Release Mar 19 2013 Rating Excellent After a short hiatus, we’re back with yet another roundtable review. This time around  Shane, Shooter and myself (Iamhop) are taking a […]

Huldra – Monuments, Monoliths

Artist Huldra Album Monuments, Monoliths Genre Post-Metal Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Independent Release 12 January 2013 Rating Very Good While I’m not really the biggest fan of the deep, growling vocals, Huldra have enough going on to make it work well, and for me to really enjoy it. That said, being greeted by those […]

Light Bearer – Silver Tongue

Artist Light Bearer Album ‘Silver Tongue’ Genre Post-Metal Buy/DL bandcamp Web Facebook Label Halo of Flies/Alerta Antifascista/Moment of Collapse Release Feb 8 2013 Rating Must Listen For those who haven’t heard, or heard of, Light Bearer before, the London based sextet may prove difficult to pin a genre name on. Post-rock? Yep. Progressive metal? Yep. […]

Long Distance Calling – The Flood Inside

Artist Long Distance Calling Album The Flood Inside Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Web Facebook Label Superball Release 4 March 2013 Rating Average The German five piece Long Distance Calling return with their follow up to 2011’s ‘Long Distance Calling‘, and a few things have changed – Out is founding member Reimut von Bonn, and in […]

My Bloody Valentine – M B V

Artist My Bloody Valentine Album ‘MBV’ Genre Shoegaze/ Alt-Rock Buy/DL Web Facebook | Website Label Pickpocket Records Release Feb 2 2013 Rating Excellent The simplest way to sum up my thoughts on this album are that it’s almost worth the 22 year wait since their last release ‘Loveless’. I know it’s not fair to […]

Cult of Luna – Vertikal

Artist Cult of Luna Album ‘Vertikal’ Genre Post-metal Buy/DL EU / US Web Official Website / Facebook Label Indie Recordings (EU) / Density Records (US) Release Jan 25 2013 (EU) / Jan 29 2013 (US) Rating Must Listen The release of ‘Vertikal’ marks the 15th anniversary for Swedish post-metal heavyweights Cult of Luna. It also marks a […]

Roundtable Review: Lights & Motion – ‘Reanimation’

Artist Lights & Motion Album Reanimation Genre Post-rock / Ambient Buy/DL Deep Elm Digital Web Facebook | Soundcloud Label Deep Elm Records Released Jan 16 2013 Rating Very Good / Excellent     In our first roundtable review of 2013 we are examining Lights & Motion’s debut album, ‘Reanimation‘, released January 16th on Deep Elm Records. […]

Staff Picks – ShaneXedge’s top 10 albums of 2012

We continue staff picks week with our residential guru of all things loud ShaneXedge. Shane prefers Shoegaze and the heavier side of the Post-Rock and Post-Metal genres and before writing for Postrockstar was a PR writer for several online retailers including ThinkGeek. He is also a founding member of the Post-Rock &Beyond room on […]

Amenra – Mass V – 99%

My love for post-metal is no secret, but I’m also somewhat picky about it. Most of the stuff that falls into this category that’s more on the “djent” (I hate that word so much) end of things is not my cup of tea. The other tricky aspect for me is vocals. When it comes to […]