Music InWallved – Orange Album

Some countries are just proving to be breeding grounds for talented post-rock bands. The US has its fair share, of course England and Japan do as well. Russia has made quite a presence over the past few years, and any list of countries spawning notable post-rock bands wouldn’t be complete without Iceland (even if only […]

Great Plains – Great Plains

When I was a bit younger, and didn’t have pesky grown-up problems like bills and rent payments and stuff, I would occasionally go to the record store and flip through albums with the idea that I was going to pick something up based off of the cover art. The idea here was that whatever the […]

Roundtable Review: Collapse Under the Empire – Sacrifice & Isolation

Postrockstar is no stranger to Collapse Under the Empire and you probably shouldn’t be either. The post-rock powerhouse duo from Germany have released either an album or EP in each year dating back to 2009 show no signs of letting up. ‘Sacrifice & Isolation’ is their fifth studio album an is the follow up to  […]

Winds With Hands – (untitled) **Must Listen**

Reviewed by: Shanexedge By this point, anyone that is even remotely well-versed in post-rock/post-metal is aware that Russia is steadily turning out a staggering amount of great bands (see the recent review of the newest Show Me A Dinosaur album on here as proof). Even with the internet being the Great Spreader of Things, there’s […]

Cinématique – Limbo

Reviewed by Shanexedge Gather ’round, readers. This is a story of a band from Vienna, Austria, and a video game created by a Danish company. There’s technically no connection, just that the newest album by the former (the 4 piece Cinématique) was inspired by the latter – both are named Limbo, and the atmosphere present […]

ShaneXedge’s Top Picks of 2013

 Welcome to Staff Picks week here at Postrockstar! This week our writers will be going over their favorite albums of 2013. Please click the album art to go to the artist’s Bandcamp/Website/Facebook/etc . Deafheaven – Sunbather “No real surprise here for anyone that knows me at all (or read my review here of this album). […]

2013 Year End Awards

It has been a whirlwind year here at Postrockstar as we put the finishing touches on our first full calendar year reviewing and promoting all things relevant to the world of Post-Rock and instrumental music. This year we were able review 73 albums and promoted 150 other albums, constantly offering our readers fresh new music […]

Deafheaven – Sunbather

Artist Deafheaven Album Sunbather Genre Post-Metal | Black Metal Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Deathwish Inc. Release 11 June 2013 Rating:  Must Listen I’ve been struggling with writing this review for going on a month and a half now, and in a way that I haven’t yet struggled with writing one. Far from being an […]

Shy, Low – Binary Opposition

Artist Shy, Low Album ‘Binary Opposition’ Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label The Subterranea Collective | Fluttery Records Release Feb 23 2013 Rating Excellent Richmond, VA has always been a hotbed of musical activity, and I’ve been lucky enough to live in close enough proximity to experience a lot of it. The bulk of […]