Review Round Up #1

In an effort to catch up on the backlog of post-rock releases this year that postrockstar hasn’t reviewed yet, we’ll be doing short review wrap ups until we are caught up. This is the first installment of what shall now be known as “Review Round Up” Nathaniel Noton-Freeman – Whorl – 89% Nathaniel Noton-Freeman is […]

Simple is Good – Волны де Бройля – 78%

Simple is Good is a post-rock band from Russia that are on the more ambient side of the genre. Although information on the band is scarcely available online, what I’ve gathered is that they’ve released 2 EP and a full length prior to this latest album released on bandcamp in early July under Mimonot Music. […]

Red Fire Ant – Red Fire Ant EP – 96%

Red Fire Ant are a post-rock band from France who just released their first EP earlier this year. Unfortunately the band doesn’t have a bandcamp page which is a shame because I find this 4-track 28 minute EP to be downright fantastic. The album kicks off with an absurd amount of energy and intensity with […]

We are Oceans – We Are Oceans – 81%

Released last month, “We are Oceans” self titled release comes to us courtesy of the Massachusetts four-piece. Delving right into the 4-track 40 minute release we have “Roots Grow Down,” which opens at a relaxed pace with an interesting mix of layered clean guitars and bass with faint chiming of the cymbals in the background. […]

Qualia – “Cast a Light” – 80%, “Songs for Longing” – 85% and “We Do Not KNow What Our Nature Permits Us To Be” – 81%

Qualia is a one-man project from Cambs, UK that has a total of 5 releases since forming in 2010, including three this year alone. In today’s update I’ll be taking a look at all three of those releases.   Qualia – Cast a light “Cast a Light” was released in April and opens with a […]

Earthmass – Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual) EP – 83%

The 4-piece band Earthmass was formed in February of this year and comes to us from Essex, South-East England. Self described as Progressive, Doom, psychedelic, Stoner Metal, I’ve been assured by a friend that this is definitely a more post-metal release than any of those genres so I’ve taken it upon myself to delve into […]

CSSC – Overgrown – 79%

CSSC is the work of one college student who had a passion for making music. Erik Rodriguez is the man behind CSSC and through tenacity, experimentation and hard work he has reached “Overgown”, a nearly hour-long release that is his 4th album. CSSC is an interesting project that combines post-rock elements with ambient atmosphere, Electronic […]