Post-Rock Roundtable Review : Caspian – Waking Season – 93%

Postrockstar is proud to present the first installment of Post-Rock Roundtable Reviews. In this series several of our writers will offer their take on one of the more popular current post-rock releases.  This week’s album is the much-anticipated “Waking Season” by Caspian! Drew: “Caspian are certainly one of the luminaries of the genre. Their track […]

Lattitudes – Individuation – 78%

  (review by Erich B. Heider) U.K. based band Latitudes has made what may be the most interesting concept album I’ve heard this year. Then again, it could all be a coincidence. You see, the title, Individuation, may be referring to the Jungian idea of the formation of an singular identity, separate from others, and the process of doing so. This […]

North – The Great Silence – 87%

(IamHop note: Please welcome longtime friend Erich B. Heider to the Postrockstar family! Erich will be lending his ears and offering his insight for the foreseeable future in an effort to help bring fresh opinions, critiques and writing to the site. Erich will be handling most of the post-metal, sludge and shoegaze content that comes […]