When Icarus Falls – Circles

Reviewed by Erich Heider It’s fitting to me that this band calls themselves When Icarus Falls. If you remember the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus, an imprisoned father and son used wax and feathers to make wings to escape their lofty incarceration. It worked out for dad, but Icarus, in a bit of hubris, […]

Erich’s Top Picks of 2013

 Welcome to Staff Picks week here at Postrockstar! This week our writers will be going over their favorite albums of 2013. Please click the album art to go to the artist’s Bandcamp/Website/Facebook/etc . Jesu – Everyday I get Closer to the Light from Which I Came “Yep, something beat out Deafheaven. Justin Broadrick again releases […]

2013 Year End Awards

It has been a whirlwind year here at Postrockstar as we put the finishing touches on our first full calendar year reviewing and promoting all things relevant to the world of Post-Rock and instrumental music. This year we were able review 73 albums and promoted 150 other albums, constantly offering our readers fresh new music […]

Cloudkicker – Subsume

Artist Cloudkicker Album Subsume Genre Post-Metal | Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Cloudkicker Blog Label Release 14 September 2013 Rating: Must Listen Its funny that we split so many things into genres and sub-genres, especially when reviewing something, just to give a better hint as to whether someone might be interested in it. “Oh, third wave […]

Be Water – Be Water

Artist Be Water Album Be Water Genre Rock | Ambient Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Release 30 April 2013 Rating: Good Sometimes you can just tell that a lot of work is put into something. Not just physical labor, but thoughts and feeling. Be Water’s EP is like that. There are a lot of things […]

Damascus – Heights

Artist damascus Album Heights Genre Post-Rock | Post-Metal Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 10 July 2013 Rating: Very Good I was rooting for this band to be good when I first started doing research on them simply because they’re from South River New Jersey, which I lived fairly close to for about 10 […]

Coma Cloud – The Sleep Issue

Artist Coma Cloud Album The Sleep Issue Genre Post-Rock | Ambient Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Soundcloud Label — Release 01 March 2013 Rating: Very Good It takes quite a bit these days to keep me interested in an album. Novelty wears off very fast, and if I’m asked to review something, I know I’m going to […]

Palms – Palms

Artist Palms Album Palms Genre Post-Rock | Post-Metal | Experimental Buy/DL Bluecollar Distro | Itunes Web Palmsband.com | Facebook Label ipecac Release 25 June 2013 Rating:  Average I’m in an interesting position here. This is a fairly big name group, consisting of members from two of my favorite bands, and yet, I wish it wasn’t. […]

Houston, We’ve Got Problems! – Welcome to the Moon, Friend

Artist Houston, We’ve Got Problems! Album Welcome to the Moon, Friend Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Last.fm Label Independent Release 27 May 2012 Rating:  Good A week or so back I began a review by breaking down the evolution of so-called “emo” music. I did this so that I could basically liken the reviewed band […]

Sigur Ros – Kveikur

Artist Sigur Ros Album Kveikur Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Sigur Ros Store Web Website | Facebook Label Parlophone/XL Release 12 June 2013 Rating: — It’s been a little while since Postrockstar last held a Roundtable review.  While our table might be missing a few members, here is what our writers had to think about the Post-Rock […]