You Bred Raptors seeking Drummer

(IamHop – You Bred Raptors is currently seeking a new drummer. Below is their ad found on Craigslist. Think you might be a potential candidate? Hit these guys up, they are really cool dudes with a unique sound and style..) We are a highly successful trio looking for a new drummer to fill out this […]

Stream Palms (ex-Isis, Chino Moreno) full album now!

I don’t feel like I need to say too much to entice you to check this album out. Palms is a super group featuring Chino Moreno of the Deftones along with several members of Isis and their highly anticipated debut is now streaming IN FULL! Have a listen here. The album officially drops on June […]

New You Bred Raptors! Video

[youtube=] Our friends You Bred Raptors  have posted this incredibly awesome video for their new single “Pickpocket”. You can grab the single here and check out where they’ll be playing next on the east coast by checking their facebook page.

Where did all the reviews go?

I’ve stopped writing music reviews because after 10 months and 150 reviews my listening habits have gotten drastically worse and my overall enjoyment of all music has severely decreased to the point where listening to new music and writing reviews is no longer fun. I love music too much to keep doing this to myself, […]

Stream Sigur Rós’s new song, “Ísjaki”

“Ísjaki”, the third track from Sigur Rós‘s upcoming album ‘Kveikur’, has been made available to stream via YouTube. Check below for the video, which also contains lyrics for the song. ‘Kveikur’ will be released on June 12 in North America. [youtube=]

This is a Blog about Post-Rock.

I wanted to take a moment away from the reviews to just talk a little about our site and the post-rock scene in general from my perspective as someone who runs what I think is a relatively successful music blog. I don’t think I’ve ever written a true “blog” post in my life, so this […]

This update courtesy of Trish & Tara

Our friends The End of the Ocean are out driving around the east coast as they continue to embark on their March tour.  Keyboardist Tara and guitarist Trish have been documenting some of the more..well..let’s call them interesting moments of their travels and creating tour diary videos. Check em out below and if you’re on the […]

They Rise, We Die release demo via bandcamp

They Rise, We Die are a 4-piece Seattle area post-rock/post-metal band who just released a rough demo via their bandcamp page that is available for “name your price”. The currently unsigned band will be performing on the same bill as X-Suns and Post-Madonna this Sunday at The Comet Bar in Seattle. Postrockstar will be on […]

Press Release: Minot (former From Monuments to Masses) now taking pre-orders on new 7″

Upstart bay-area post-rock band Minot, featuring guitarist Matthew Solberg from the now defunct post-rock band From Monuments to Masses are gearing up to release their first 7″  through The Mylene Sheath. The uptempo post-rockers, who infuse elements of psychedelic-rock, kraut-rock and feature refreshingly clever bass-work are set for a big year in 2013 as they […]