Balmorhea – Stranger – 95%

I first found out about Balmorhea sometime last year, thanks to the Post-Rock & Beyond room on, and have been absolutely hooked since then. This seven piece band from Austin, TX (what are they putting in the water there?) takes something of a more minimalist approach to the post-rock genre, and they absolutely nail […]

Spurv – Blader som faller til jorden og blir til nye trær EP – 96%

Coming to us from Olso, Norway, Spurv is a melodic post-rock band that create deeply emotional music due in large part to the way the band incorporates rich cello and violin into their sound. Despite being formed two years ago, ‘Blader som faller til jorden og blir til nye trær‘, which roughly translates to “Leaves […]

Toundra – III – 97%

Formed in Late 2007, Toundra are a 4-piece post-metal/post-rock band from Madrid, Spain. Toundra have three releases to their name, I, II, and III, each release being substantially better than the last one. Released in 2009, I is brooding, mysterious and set the groundwork for the band’s signature sound. From there, we got II in […]

El Ten Eleven – Transitions – 95%

It seems like everyone these days is trying to pigeon hole bands into these obscure genres that just don’t seem to actually exist. People try so hard to explain bands that they use these describing words that don’t make any logical sense. Crust-core? Psych-Drone? Post-Apocalyptic Folk? Do you see what I’m getting at? Why can’t […]

Post-Rock Roundtable Review : Caspian – Waking Season – 93%

Postrockstar is proud to present the first installment of Post-Rock Roundtable Reviews. In this series several of our writers will offer their take on one of the more popular current post-rock releases.  This week’s album is the much-anticipated “Waking Season” by Caspian! Drew: “Caspian are certainly one of the luminaries of the genre. Their track […]

Across The Waves – War Ends, Misery Stays – 92%

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a lot of bands for everywhere on the globe, but this is a first. Across The Waves is an ambient/post-rock band from Tehran, Iran, a country caught in amidst hostile conflict and politics as middle east tensions rise. When I hear and think about the middle east all I […]

Collapse Under The Empire – Fragments of a Prayer – 95%

Collapse Under the Empire’s meteoric rise to the top of the post-rock genre can be compared simply to the way a NASA shuttle launches into space. From humble beginnings of “systembreakdown” in 2008 to last year’s monumental “Shoulders & Giants”, my favorite post-rock album of 2011, the German duo have ascended at a rapid pace, […]

Underground Cities – Arcosanti – 93%

“Arcosanti” is Underground Cities follow-up album to their 2010 debut “The Dalliance Album.” The Arizona four piece formed in 2008 bring a more straight forward post-rock sound to the table. “Arcosanti” is 46 minutes over eight tracks and starts strong with “Early Birds”, a fun track with acentric drumming and beautifully layered guitar textures. “Made […]

Miroist – The Pledge EP – 95%

Miroist is a djent/prog metal band based in London who’s influences include the likes of Cloudkicker, Meshuggah, Mogwai and Boards of Canada. The Pledge is their debut effort and is completely self funded as most smaller releases tend to be. at 20 minutes over 3 tracks. I’ve prepped my ears for the djent goodness that […]