Deafheaven – Sunbather

Artist Deafheaven Album Sunbather Genre Post-Metal | Black Metal Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Deathwish Inc. Release 11 June 2013 Rating:  Must Listen I’ve been struggling with writing this review for going on a month and a half now, and in a way that I haven’t yet struggled with writing one. Far from being an […]

Sigur Ros – Kveikur

Artist Sigur Ros Album Kveikur Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Sigur Ros Store Web Website | Facebook Label Parlophone/XL Release 12 June 2013 Rating: — It’s been a little while since Postrockstar last held a Roundtable review.  While our table might be missing a few members, here is what our writers had to think about the Post-Rock […]

Psycho Tree – Black January

Artist Psycho Tree Album Black January Genre Post-Rock / Progressive / Experimental Buy/DL VK (Translate the page) Web Facebook Label Independent Release 2013 Rating Very Good (IamHop note – A BIG thanks for Erich Heider for writing this review. This release is truly a gem.) Thanks to the gods of the internet (and IamHop) I […]

Justin Bieber – Believe

Artist Justin Bieber Album ‘Believe’ Genre Post-PopRock Buy/DL Itunes Web Facebook Label Island / Def Jam Release June 15, 2012 Rating Must Listen Justin Bieber is a fiery young solo artist from Canada who blends his incredible vocal range with unique and innovative post-poprock. His latest release, ‘Believe‘  is easily the best album I’ve heard […]

Light Bearer – Silver Tongue

Artist Light Bearer Album ‘Silver Tongue’ Genre Post-Metal Buy/DL bandcamp Web Facebook Label Halo of Flies/Alerta Antifascista/Moment of Collapse Release Feb 8 2013 Rating Must Listen For those who haven’t heard, or heard of, Light Bearer before, the London based sextet may prove difficult to pin a genre name on. Post-rock? Yep. Progressive metal? Yep. […]

Jardin De La Croix – 187 Steps to Cross the Universe

Artist Jardin De La Croix Album 187 Steps to Cross the Universe Genre Post-Rock / Math-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Noma Records Release 21 February 2013 Rating Excellent “The Math Heroes are Back! Are You Ready?” exclaims the banner at the top of Jardin De La Croix‘s bandcamp page. While the Madrid 4-piece might […]

Amenra – Mass V – 99%

My love for post-metal is no secret, but I’m also somewhat picky about it. Most of the stuff that falls into this category that’s more on the “djent” (I hate that word so much) end of things is not my cup of tea. The other tricky aspect for me is vocals. When it comes to […]

Echotide – As Our Floodlights Gave Way to Dawn – 98%

Australia has been a great source for post/math-rock in recent years, with bands such as sleepmakeswaves, Meniscus, This Is Your Captain Speaking and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving all finding critical acclaim and recognition world-wide. Echotide, from Brisbane, is the latest band to join the ranks. With its meandering trajectory and atmospheric explorations, ‘As Our Floodlights Gave […]

Brian Eno – Lux – 97%

When I first started listening to post-rock and ambient music, one of the first albums I found was Brian Eno‘s ‘Music for Airports’. I remember sitting in my room, transfixed, as this new genre of music started to change the purview of my limited musical knowledge. I started listening to every ambient album I could […]

Eversham – Eversham – 95%

The best post-rock holiday gift I received this year came courtesy of my recent decision to purchase Spotify premium. As I was three hours deep into a post-rock playlist I found, mostly spacing out to the familiarity of bands such as Caspian and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, an artist unbeknownst to me captured my imagination […]