Moofer Monday: Appalaches – Mòn

Our Foofer forgot what day it was. So in an extremely clever play on words we present…ahem… Moofer Monday! Appalaches, hailing from the french part of Canada, just released their latest album “Mon” and after I heard the opening ambience, I couldn’t send off an e-mail to them fast enough, I had to be the […]

Foofer Friday: Civil Protection – Stolen Fire

I love new bands. It feels like opening a new book, starting a new tv show, and meeting a new friend all rolled into one. Debut albums make me all giddy, and I always try to play the album in its entirety on my first listen, sometimes twice in a row if it’s not very […]

Foofer Friday: Chatting with Nathaniel Noton Freeman

I’ve been following Nathaniel Noton-Freeman and his music since he posted his debut solo album on Reddit. And with every release, his music‘s been getting better and better. This week I had the privilege to preview some tracks from his upcoming album Cloud Machines and interview this magnificent example of manliness about it. Let’s start […]

Foofer Friday: Montag – Trepezzi

Reviewed by: Foofer I seem to have a recurring theme here on Foofer Fridays: Obscurity. Montag is another band my wife picked out for their name. She thought it was German for Monday, and she likes the German language. Turns out their European or Italian or something. Go figure. Anyways, not a lot of likes […]

Beef Terminal – Canadian Patent

Welcome to the first edition of Foofer Friday! This will be an ongoing series written by Postrockstar staff writer Foofer who will use this weekly special as a forum to review albums and/or sound off about any and all things post-rock. In this introductory edition, Foofer will be taking a look at ‘Canadian Patent’ by […]