Postrockstar June Recap

  June Roundtable Review Collapse Under The Empire – Sacrifice & Isolation Reviewed Albums Collapse Under The Empire – Sacrifice & Isolation (Roundtable Review) Astralia – Atlas (Foofer Friday) Powder! Go Away – Closer To Cold (Reviewed by James) The Watermark High – Bright Black EP (Thinking Aloud w/ James) North – Metanoia (Heavier Things […]

Postrockstar May Recap

May Roundtable Review Those Amongst Us Are Wolves – This State Is Conscious Reviewed albums You Are An Explorer – You Are An Explorer (by Foofer) Row Boat – Shallow Waters (by Tenacious Listening) Montag – Trepezzi (by Foofer) In Snow – Ef·fort (by James) Row Boat – In Between (by Tenacious Listening) We Came […]

Postrockstar April Recap

We’re now 1/3rd of the way through the year and we’ve seen a whole slew of great releases in the first four months of the year. This month we saw an excellent crop of albums reviewed on Postrockstar highlighted by our April Roundtable Review of ‘This Is For Our Sins’ by Lowercase Noises, a conceptual […]

Postrockstar March Recap

It’s the start of spring! Flowers are blooming, snow is melting and Cloudkicker is…touring? What the hell! That’s right, Ben Sharp aka Cloudkicker is taking his brand of djent-infused post-rock on the road for the first time ever as he will be accompanied on stage by Intronaut. While we can’t make any promises, if all […]

Postrockstar February Recap

Remember how when we wrote this thing last month we said we looked forward to getting back to status quo in February? Yeah, not so much! We’re continually being bombarded with new albums in our inbox on a daily basis, meaning more post-insanity for us and more great music for you! We’re trying our best […]

Postrockstar January Recap

What a crazy busy month it has been for all of us here at Postrockstar. We’re looking forward to things returning to status quo in February. We have some big changes coming down the pipeline later this year (hopefully sooner than later) and I’m very excited for the future of our blog as we continue […]

Today We Give Thanks..

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you to everyone who has made this site the success it is today. Thank you to all our readers, the bands who send us material to promote and the writers who have been generous enough to contribute their time to reviews for our site […]

Postrockstar State of the Union Part 3: All Hail Bright Futures

Here we are once again with the conclusion of this three part blog. You can read part one here and part two here. In the finale of this blog we’ll look at the site as it is current day and where we plan on going in the future. We are hitting a reset button. Throwing […]

Postrockstar State of the Union Part 1: Who is behind Postrockstar?

Hello Postrockstar faithful! In an effort to switch things up around here, I thought I would do something a new and write an actual blog style post.  Earlier this week Postrockstar writer Erich and myself traded ideas regarding our future vision for the site. If you’ve been following us since our humble beginnings you’ve probably […]