Stream Sigur Rós’s new song, “Ísjaki”

“Ísjaki”, the third track from Sigur Rós‘s upcoming album ‘Kveikur’, has been made available to stream via YouTube. Check below for the video, which also contains lyrics for the song. ‘Kveikur’ will be released on June 12 in North America. [youtube=]

Nathaniel Noton-Freeman – Seabirds

Artist Nathaniel Noton-Freeman Album ‘Seabirds’ Genre Post-rock / Instrumental Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Independent Release Mar 3 2013 Rating Solid This had to happen at some point. Nathaniel Noton-Freeman‘s music has until now been entirely composed using nothing but acoustic guitar tracks built atop other acoustic guitar tracks. ‘Whorl’ demonstrated that intelligent songwriting and delicate-yet-complex […]

Welcome to the World, Blake

Andy Othling of Lowercase Noises was recently blessed with his third child. As with Marshall in 2010 and, later, Vivian in 2011, Andy has composed a piece of music to coincide with the birth of his newborn child, Blake. I was going to review this. I reviewed Lowercase Noises‘ ‘Passage’ EP in November of last […]

To Sail Beyond the Sun – Illusions EP

Artist To Sail Beyond the Sun Album ‘Illusions’ Genre Post-rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Independent Release Feb 6 2013 Rating Solid With one look at their bandcamp descriptor (“To Sail Beyond the Sun is a post-rock band from New York. That’s all that you really need to know. Sit back and enjoy.”), it’s safe […]

Locomotora – This Very Holding Back

Artist Locomotora Album ‘This Very Holding Back’ Genre Post-rock / Instrumental Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Independent Release Jan 25 2013 Rating Very Good Though their debut album, ‘Canopy’, was released (somewhat unassumingly) during the tail end of 2011, it wasn’t until mid-way through last year that French post-rock newcomer Silent Whale Becomes A Dream […]

Oak – Not Afraid Anymore

Artist Oak Album ‘Not Afraid Anymore’ Genre Post-rock / Instrumental Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Independent Release Jan 19 2013 Rating Solid ‘Not Afraid Anymore’ is the first full length album from the French instrumental rock band Oak, and although it lies on the heavier end of the spectrum, it’s still undeniably post-rock. Treble guitar […]

Our Ceasing Voice – That Day Last November

Artist Our Ceasing Voice Album That Day Last November Genre Post-rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook | Twitter Label Frontal Noize (CD) / Revolvermann Records (Vinyl) Released Jan 18 2013 Rating Very Good Our Ceasing Voice have always been a group whose command of atmosphere and visual soundscapes is one that rivals even the most gargantuan […]

Download Caspian’s 2012 Audiotree session

Popular post-rock band Caspian have just announced that their recorded performance at the Audiotree Studios from September 2012 is now available to purchase. This event was live streamed on the internet and offered the chance for viewers to preview material from the as-of-then unreleased album ‘Waking Season’, which became the runner-up for Post-Rockstar’s Album of the […]

New Cloudkicker song premiere

Multi-instrumentalist Cloudkicker has just released a new song, entitled “Hello”. It appears that this 10 minute–long experimental track is a standalone song, not yet scheduled to appear on an upcoming release. As with all of Cloudkicker‘s releases, “Hello” can be downloaded for free (or name your price) on Bandcamp (see below for link). In addition, […]

Help Lowercase Noises fund the vinyl pressing of Passage EP

Last November, Lowercase Noises released ‘Passage’, an ambient/post-rock EP that that was as elegant as it was ambitious. ‘Passage’ received a very positive review from Post-Rockstar, which can be found here. Now, Andy Othling (the man behind this project) is looking to press ‘Passage’ on vinyl, and he needs your support to do so. A […]