Cult of Luna – Vertikal

Artist Cult of Luna Album ‘Vertikal’ Genre Post-metal Buy/DL EU / US Web Official Website / Facebook Label Indie Recordings (EU) / Density Records (US) Release Jan 25 2013 (EU) / Jan 29 2013 (US) Rating Must Listen The release of ‘Vertikal’ marks the 15th anniversary for Swedish post-metal heavyweights Cult of Luna. It also marks a […]

Amenra – Mass V – 99%

My love for post-metal is no secret, but I’m also somewhat picky about it. Most of the stuff that falls into this category that’s more on the “djent” (I hate that word so much) end of things is not my cup of tea. The other tricky aspect for me is vocals. When it comes to […]

Balmorhea – Stranger – 95%

I first found out about Balmorhea sometime last year, thanks to the Post-Rock & Beyond room on, and have been absolutely hooked since then. This seven piece band from Austin, TX (what are they putting in the water there?) takes something of a more minimalist approach to the post-rock genre, and they absolutely nail […]

Paper Armies – Together – 87%

Paper Armies, the name given to the musical creations of Jason Calhoun, is something of an oddity in the “one man band” world. While a great number of said bands release records rather often (Cloudkicker released three albums in less than a year, Good Weather For An Airstrike has released three albums this year, etc.), Calhoun has released just […]

The Littlest Viking – The Littlest Viking – 88%

Southern California’s The Littlest Viking return with the self-titled follow up to their 2009 debut, “Labor & Lust”, and pick up right where they left off, showcasing the super guitar work of Ruben Cortez and Christopher Gregory’s speedy, complex drumming. The duo hasn’t slowed a bit in these 3+ years, kicking things off with the […]

Niño Koi – La Pequeña Muerte – 94%

One of the greatest things to me about the ever-expanding genre of post-rock is the seemingly nonstop discovery of new bands. In most cases, they’re not even really “new”, just new to my ears. Case in point, Costa Rica’s Niño Koi, and their newest release, “La Pequeña Muerte”. Being wholly ignorant of any post-rock scene […]

Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay – 89%

(IamHop note: Please welcome ShanexEdge to Postrockstar! Shane is one of our go to guys for all things post-metal/doom-metal/heavy but he is also well versed in all things post-rock) Having had a good bit of time now to listen to “Honor Found In Decay”, the newest offering from Neurosis, I’ve really had a chance to let the […]