Thinking Aloud: The Lets Rant Edition

    Hi I’m James and I’m a reddit addict. One of the subreddit’s that I occasionally frequent is r/Postrock, a subreddit that I’ve found to be largely uninspiring when it comes to all things post-rock. While occasionally you can find good conversation or obscure finds, the real good stuff is hidden amidst sea of poor audio quality youtube links of the same 50 post-rock songs we’ve all heard a million times. Honestly, we all love This Will Destroy You, but if you ever feel inclined to link us to “Quiet” as if we’ve never heard it before, stop, just stop. Either be a man and link to a Tunnel Blanket song or find some obscure Nordic band on Facebook with 75 likes to link us to. Anyways, before I drifted off there, I was trying to tell the story of how I met our own Foofer.

    Foofer posted a rather extensive list of his favorite albums from 2013 and I was immediately sold on trying to recruit him to be a part of our team. Speaking with him, he immediately showed interest but informed me he had never written reviews before. I was more than OK with that because his posts were well written and he seemed very well spoken, a great fit for our tight nit group. Flash forward about eight months later and our very owner Foofer recently made his writing debut on Echoes & Dust , another post-rock site I frequent quite a bit that is also worthy of your readership. I’m really proud to see how far Foofer has come in a short time span.

    It’s been an insane last few weeks for post-rock and it’s about to get even crazier as we are in the full midst of autumn. With August releases from Maybeshewill, This Patch of Sky and Set & Setting, we’ve all had our hands a little full. Even with a new This Will Destroy You release on the horizon, my most anticipated release this year is ‘Sines’ by Jakob, due out on October 21st, marking their first release in nearly 8 years. If you haven’t heard “Blind Them With Science” yet, well, what the hell are you waiting for?

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    One album that I didn’t get a chance to write a review of was Cory Johnson’s ‘Earthbound’, which we promoted a few weeks back. I’m not as familiar with the music to the video game Earthbound as I am with the music on his 2012 post-rock interpretations of songs from The Legend of Zelda, but I really enjoyed this release A LOT more than his last one. One particular song that stands out on this album is “I Am The Evil In Your Heart” which uses samples from pro wrestling villain Bray Wyatt, who plays this sort of Cape Fear “The whole world is lying to you” anti-establishment cult leader. Seeing two things I really have a passion for, that being post-rock and pro-wrestling, come together was an odd pairing, yet I was none the less thrilled.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2305661721 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=411854300]

    On a non post-rock related ending, I really wish Mikael Åkerfeldt would get his shit together and write a real Opeth record. I’m sorry, but even if ‘Pale Communion’ isn’t a bad record, it’s still not what most Opeth fans wanted and even the ones who tell you to just accept Opeth’s new style are just lying to themselves. If one day in the 70’s the Rolling Stones decided that they were just going to start writing  country western songs and radically alter their style people would have rioted in the fucking streets. So why do we let Opeth off so easy ? This is Opeth after all, who led the forefront of progressive death metal and paved the way for so many bands. Now we’re two albums into the new 70’s prog-folk Opeth and I think enough is enough and I’m just going to say what needs to be said. Have you ever read the story of the Sword and the Stone? We desperately need our King Arthur to come along and pull Steve Wilson’s influence out of Mikael Akerfeldt so that we can get a proper Opeth record.


Ok enough ranting. IamHop out.