Foofer Friday: The Wax Girl – Anosmic EP

a0742523361_2There are some times when you and an album just click. The Wax Girl’s debut EP ‘Anosmic’ really struck a chord within me, and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s been on repeat for the past week. This magnificent Canadian band has crafted something extraordinary.

Unlike most other post-rock bands, the guitar doesn’t strike me as their go-to instrument. The first track ‘Consciousness’ makes me think up new genres like synth-drone, it’s so fluffy and soothing like a new pillow. It really sets you up nicely for the remainder of the EP; the very meaning of mellow.

The way ‘Broken Space’ starts is unique, the guitar effects are set up in such a way that it sounds like droplets falling into a small pond, making ripples as they hit the calm surface. The whole track reminds me of a glassy lake. I would like to point out that I’ve never heard a warmer bass tone in my life.

‘Unknown Location’ wakes you up a little bit more, not unlike that moment when you wake up, reposition yourself, and fall back asleep. It has a little bit more girth to its sound with the guitars playing full chords, and the drums maintaining a steadier beat than before. The recording quality on the acoustic guitar is quite impressive, I like the fact that I can hear fingers rubbing against the strings.

‘Departure’ delivers a soundscape similar to what you’d expect from a Banjo-less Lowercase Noises; multi-layered guitars atop a soft bed of synth tones. Some of the guitar’s effects are so heavy, it almost sounds like it’s being played underwater. It’s not something you’d really hear your first time through, which gives this album some replayability value. Not something you can really say often about post-rock.

A title like ‘Sleep Disorder’ confirms my ideas about this being a very sleepy EP, even though this song isn’t nearly as calm as the others. This is a bit more like typical post-rock with tremolo picking and a sluggish and distinct crescendo throughout the entire piece. It doesn’t really seem to cultivate itself into the stereotypical wall of sound, but that would ruin its sleepy theme. So in the end, it really fits together quite well, despite my usual dislike for anticlimactic music.

My suggestion to you is to listen to this when you’re getting ready for bed, or whenever you happen to be just sleepy enough to be at peace with the world despite your stresses and obligations. Give this a spin, and then sleep. I’m not saying that this music sucks and puts you to sleep, not at all. I just think it’s the perfect soundtrack to any mellow or relaxed time during your day. You will certainly have time to listen to it from beginning to finish, seeing that it’s just under 19 minutes long. I’ve already listened to it twice while writing about it.

The talent is there, the effects and textures are all there, the production value is certainly there, I cannot think of a single thing I don’t like about this EP, which is why I’m not skimping out and doing a Foofer Twofer. Quit reading this and go listen, right now. 10 out of 10 burning cars.

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