Thinking Aloud: Heartbreak, Coping and Jakob

It’s certainly been an interesting last 30 days in my life. I’ve spent much of the last month deep in the emotional turmoil of post-relationship-rock, a fancy, sarcastically themed word I just coined instead of opting to use the more obvious term ‘break up’.

Before I continue any further, I want to give specific thanks to TenaciousListening for taking over the day-to-day operations of Postrockstar in my absence. Without him our site would not have been posting or producing the steady stream of content that it has been, so that’s all him, and I can’t thank him enough. I also can’t thank the Postrockstar writing staff enough either. These guys have continually cranked out rock solid review after rock solid review while I was away, producing nothing and feeling sorry for myself. I can’t wait until I get a chance to meet up with these gents in real life so I can buy them copious amounts of their favorite adult beverages.

The reality is that I lost something major in my life and in the midst of losing that I also completely lost sight of all the little things that were important to me as well. One of those little things is my persistent love for the post-rock realm. While I was dealing with heartbreak, I found myself passing the hours getting lost in the ambient-electronic likes of Tycho, Washed Out, M83 and Jon Hopkins among others. And when the pain in my heart got really bad and everything seemed bleak, I turned to the likes of acoustic and folk artists like Ryan Adams, Glen Hansard, Passenger and Alexi Murdoch. When I was angry about where my life had taken me, I angrily shouted the lyrics to the likes of Anberlin’s ‘New Surrender’ , All American Reject’s ‘When The World Comes Down’  and Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Futures’ albums. I’ve never had an album perfectly describe my entire range of emotions quite like ‘Futures’ . I’ve never cried harder to a song like I have to the song ‘23’ .

Although I’m extremely partial to the post-rock genre, I freely admit to liking nearly every type of music that has ever hit my ears. I can find enjoyment in nearly anything you throw at me with almost no exceptions (ok, grindcore was never my thing…). It felt good to spend a little time away from the genre that I’ve called ‘home’ for the last six or so years. It felt particularly good to dive into folk and acoustic, I really gained a new appreciation for what those artists can bring to the table.

Earlier on I mentioned losing sight of the little things in the wake of this trepidation in my life. Over the last month the things I loved in life seemingly lost their value. I found no happiness in the things that use to mean everything to me and as bad as that may sound, I feel like I’ll grow from this experience as a person. .A few hours ago I finally had a moment of clarity that made me realize exactly why I pour the passion and time I do into the post-rock genre and why it matters so much to me.

A spotify user contacted me based on my listening history and asked if I knew of any other bands similar to Jakob, one of my favorite post-rock bands ever who later this year is set to release their first album in nearly eight years. Of course I obliged and pointed him in the direction of the likes of If These Trees Could Talk, Leech, Toundra, JakeL, set & setting, Form and Fate and Psychotree. We both commiserated in the lack of bands capable of producing the raw and downtrodden sound Jakob produced and he thanked me for the suggestions and immediately fell in love with Trees and a couple others. It’s funny how a task as simple as suggesting post-rock artists reminded me exactly what post-rock means to my life and why I love it so much. That one moment brought a splash of color back to something positive in my life that I had let become gray.

Before I wrap up storytime, I’d like to retread to a band a I mentioned earlier, set & setting. This ridiculously talented Florida outfit won our debut album of the year award for 2013 and plan on following it up their masterpiece ‘Equanimity’ with their upcoming release ‘A Vivid Memory’ , due out September 2nd through Prosthetic Records . I’m really happy to see the band getting some much deserved exposure and it will only serve the post-rock genre well if they continue to be picked up and promoted by bigger named sites like . If you haven’t already, check out the first single ‘coping’ from their upcoming sophomore release.

People come and go in your life, sometimes in a moments notice without rhyme or reason,  but music is a persistent constant. Music is the only love I’ll ever need.

Still… I miss her.