Inuit – Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever

a1491098777_2If you enjoy post-rock then you should like Inuit’s Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever. As you are here (at Postrockstar) reading this then I guess that box is ticked. So go forth and listen. I am struggling though. I cannot really get into this release and I just cannot put my finger on the reason why.

Let’s look into it. This release is a box ticker. Heavy, check. Ambient, check, Build ups, check. Reverb soaked, check. The Staybright is the perfect album opener. It kicks you in the nuts (metaphorically speaking, ladies) with some heavy tremolo based riffage, lays on some ambience, introduces some vocal chanting after a build-up and then drops some keys into the mix that makes the whole thing remind me of Maybeshewill. It is real strong and sets the scene for the rest of the album.

Okay, so I write reviews while I listen to the music in question and a review will chop and change as I listen more. I am starting to enjoy the album more as I give it time. So it is definitely a grower. It is a shame that music can be so disposable these days where people may stream an album or song; think it’s awful and just not bother with it. That is a whole other discussion though. I digress…

I think that Are You Taking Pictures Of My Stories? is probably my favourite track on the album. It is one of those that just seems to build and build right up to the end; moving from ambience and getting heavier and heavier as it goes. It is the also the only track, save one of the shorter interlude type tracks, that does not have any sort of vocal. I am pretty particular about vocals and I think these are the weak point of the release apart from those on I’m No Sun Expert and the guest vocals from Kenny Bates (Bianca) on Get That Face Off Your Face which has some great riffing which makes me think of And So I Watch You From Afar. This track is another highlight and delivers some good solid post-rock to your ears.

I think that is it, you know. It took me some time to get into this release because it is just a solid album. So nothing stood out straight away. Give it your time though and you’ll start to hear some of the subtle nuances that give me confidence that this band can build on what they have already done and really do something special. After numerous spins I am enjoying more and more. So definitely give it your time if you don’t click with it straight away.