Nanaki – Afterlight

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Row Boat – In Between

Reviewed By TenaciousListening Last week I reviewed Row Boat’s ‘Shallow Waters’ EP that was released this year. In the process of researching I found that a full album had also been released. This is it. ‘Shallow Waters’ is dark. ‘In Between’ is the dawning day, the rising sun; a lazy day with somebody that you […]

In Snow – ‘ ef·fort ‘

When I think of Alabama in terms of a musical sense my brain always tries to take me to a place of the General Lee rollin’’ down a dirt road with a twangy banjo playing at a breakneck pace. Actually when I think of much of the South my bluegrass meets classic rock senses start […]

Foofer Friday: Montag – Trepezzi

Reviewed by: Foofer I seem to have a recurring theme here on Foofer Fridays: Obscurity. Montag is another band my wife picked out for their name. She thought it was German for Monday, and she likes the German language. Turns out their European or Italian or something. Go figure. Anyways, not a lot of likes […]

Larkahl – Journal

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Row Boat – Shallow Waters

Row Boat. What a name. I saw it and thought, “Probably an indie, possibly math rock band”. I couldn’t really be much further from the truth, but it shows the power that a name can have. If you are not aware, like I wasn’t, Row Boat is the work of one man; multi-instrumentalist Mark Wardale. […]

Postrockstar April Recap

We’re now 1/3rd of the way through the year and we’ve seen a whole slew of great releases in the first four months of the year. This month we saw an excellent crop of albums reviewed on Postrockstar highlighted by our April Roundtable Review of ‘This Is For Our Sins’ by Lowercase Noises, a conceptual […]