OBE – Partners

Reviewed by: TenaciousListening OBE’s debut album, Partners, is an exhausting piece of work. The ideas flow thick and fast, the dual guitar attack is full of imaginative melodies and counter melodies whilst the rhythm section thankfully, lest they completely run away from each other, holds them together with generally simpler arrangements. Or that is the […]

Talquin – Tomorrow’s Calm

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Wess Meets West – When The Structures Fail Us

Reviewed by: Foofer Wess Meets West is one of the most annoying band names to say aloud. It needs to be said… figuratively, not literally. Wess Meets West hasn’t really made any splashes in any ponds other than their local ones, but with two full albums and an EP under their belt, they’ve started to […]

Before The Eyewall – Before the Eyewall

This record has been out for a while, and we’ve promoted it on the site before. I just feel like it needs a proper review to do it justice. Before The Eyewall’s full length debut is a raging monolith. This Ohio three piece not only know how to build up a track, they know how […]

Bells & Whistles – Bells & Whistles

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Terraformer – Creatures

Terraformer wants you to believe their latest release ‘Creatures’ is one of the hardest hitting, pulse raising, clad in darkness albums you’ll hear all year. But when you pull back the post-metal veil you’ll quickly discover this album has just as many post-rock intricacies as it has post-metal appeal. This three piece belgian brute has […]

Postrockstar March Recap

It’s the start of spring! Flowers are blooming, snow is melting and Cloudkicker is…touring? What the hell! That’s right, Ben Sharp aka Cloudkicker is taking his brand of djent-infused post-rock on the road for the first time ever as he will be accompanied on stage by Intronaut. While we can’t make any promises, if all […]

Diices – 12’s and 5’s EP

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