Rocket Miner – Elegy

 Reviewed by Foofer

Rocket Miner had been all but declared dead until recently. With nothing but a collection of demos and an EP album both released in 2011, ‘Elegy’ came out of seemingly nowhere. It almost feels like it’s their first album, but let it never be said it feels like an amateur album. I don’t personally know of their musical experience, but they sound like they’ve been doing this for quite some time.

There isn’t any other word for this album except ‘solid.’ The composition isn’t anything that’s breaking new ground, but it’s a very sturdy sense of structure. If they were engineers instead of musicians, they wouldn’t be building exotic skyscrapers. Instead, they would be building bridges that would withstand thousands upon thousands of trucks. Like I said, Solid. But what else would you expect from a band that sounds like Russian Circles’ offspring?

I enjoy my post-rock the same way Frasier enjoys fancy restaurants. He wants it perfect except that one small flaw to hang onto and obsess over. Elegy’s one flaw is how small the band members sound by themselves. When there’s only one instrument playing, it sounds very weak. Of course it sounds better when everyone joins in, but the solo bits are extremely lacking.

What they lack in solos, they make up for with shining examples of each member’s strengths. For example, ‘Jejune’ is a wonderfully sublime track with a bass sound that rumbles in my very soul. I could listen to this track every day of my life and I’d still get excited over the bass. I only wish it were 15 minutes long.

Lastly, a small celebration should be had for this album. While the last track is the longest piece of the album, it doesn’t belong under the ‘crescendo-core’ genre. As I’ve stated in my earlier reviews, ending an album with one large and loud hurrah annoys me to no end. It’s musical masturbation, plain and simple. This single fact makes this album better than most, in my eyes.

All in all, I really enjoy this album a lot, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

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tags: experimental post-rock rock shoegaze instrumental Chicago