2013 Year End Awards

It has been a whirlwind year here at Postrockstar as we put the finishing touches on our first full calendar year reviewing and promoting all things relevant to the world of Post-Rock and instrumental music. This year we were able review 73 albums and promoted 150 other albums, constantly offering our readers fresh new music […]

Sleep Dealer – Imminence

When I signed up to review Sleep Dealer’s “Imminence” I’d only heard a few tracks in passing. I was too busy looking at pictures of cats to pay attention to what I was listening to. I didn’t know anything about this one-man band from Russia, but I figured that it isn’t too dissonant to be […]

Spotify Playlist of EVERY album featured on Postrockstar in 2013

We have a New Years treat for all you spotify users out there. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a playlist featuring EVERY available on spotify album & EP that was featured on Postrockstar in 2013. This massive 855 track playlist spans over 87 hours of music. This playlist is our way of saying thanks by […]

Caspian – Hymn For The Greatest Generation

We kick off 2014 by wrapping up 2013 and offering to you one of the very finest EP’s of the year. If you are reading this site chances are you already the magic that is ‘Hymn For The Greatest Generation’ but if you havent’ had a chance to experience it, you are in for a […]