Ef – Ceremonies

Into their 10th year, Gothenburg post-rockers Ef to me have always been best known for their song “Hello, Scotland”, a somber yet increasingly optimistic tune that tugs at the strings attached to the listeners heart. Capturing the essence of what makes the post-rock genre so magical, epic and glorious, I would consider it to be […]

Postrockstar State of the Union Part 3: All Hail Bright Futures

Here we are once again with the conclusion of this three part blog. You can read part one here and part two here. In the finale of this blog we’ll look at the site as it is current day and where we plan on going in the future. We are hitting a reset button. Throwing […]

Psychojet – Flights

Check out Psychojet’s latest 2-track release featuring former Postrockstar writer Zicowoods!

Postrockstar State of the Union Part 1: Who is behind Postrockstar?

Hello Postrockstar faithful! In an effort to switch things up around here, I thought I would do something a new and write an actual blog style post.  Earlier this week Postrockstar writer Erich and myself traded ideas regarding our future vision for the site. If you’ve been following us since our humble beginnings you’ve probably […]