One Day of December – Beginning of the End

Artist One Day of December
Album Beginning of the End
Genre Post-Rock
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Release 16 April 2013

One Day of December formed as an idea to make a conceptual musical project, that will take it self somewhere else then ordinary music. It’s a narrative about cold horizons and silent depths of life. The debut EP Beginning of the End was made in several months, looking for sound and a conception. As a result we got 5 songs that follow each other in a chronological order of events, and tell about a journey of a human, about challenges and experiences that he encounters. The name of each song is a logical meaning of the previews one. Each Song is a short story, a small segment of the path, which in the end leads the listener to a logical, and sometimes a very understandable end. Putting a meaning inside every song, we were trying to give it a feel of something that is full and complete, but still giving the listener space to think with there own imagination.