Hibernal – The Machine

The Machine cover art

Artist Hibernal
Album The Machine
Genre Post-Rock | Prog-Rock | Experimental | Spoken Word
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Release 06 March 2013

The Machine’ is Hibernal’s debut album. Mixed by Mark Healy, mastered by Rowan Salt, and featuring the voice talents of Rowan Michaels, Samantha Béart and Robert Blythe.

The Machine‘ interweaves spoken word with instrumental music pieces to tell a compelling storyline that unfolds throughout the course of the album. Featuring a professional voice talent cast and an original music score,‘The Machine‘ is an immersive and powerful musical experience that draws the listener in and won’t let go.

This is a unique prog rock journey that explores the themes of ambition, sadness and our choices in life. All of this is told through crunching hard rock riffs, heart-wrenching melodies and soaring guitar.

‘The Machine’ is about the choices that we make in our lives, the directions in which these decisions take us, and the influences we have on the people around us as we choose our paths. ‘The Machine‘ is about identity, and about being true to oneself.

Synopsis: A man climbs the corporate ladder inside a powerful company, but finds that with each promotion he must sacrifice a part of himself.