Anadelta – Vita Brevis

Artist Anadelta Album Vita Brevis Genre Ambient | Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 13 May 2013 Rating: — anadelta is an experimental post rock studio project from Athens, Greece. “God gave us music so that we, first and foremost, will be guided upward by it. All qualities are united in music: it […]

Braveyoung – Will The Dust Praise You

Artist BraveYoung Album Will the Dust Praise You Genre Ambient Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label The End Records, Level Plane, Teenage Disco Bloodbath, Southern Empire, At A Loss records Release 03 March 2013 Rating: — Braveyoung is a band that has always managed to elude me. They seemingly play my hometown of the Seattle area […]

Charun – De Ortu Solis

Artist Charun Album De Ortu Solis Genre Post-Rock | Post-Metal Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 01 January 2013 Rating: — Started in 2012 as a solo-project by Nicola Olla (already guitarist in Curse This Ocean). In January 2013 Charun released the debut-ep “De Ortu Solis”.  4 piece from Italy who lists their influences […]

Coma Cloud – The Sleep Issue

Artist Coma Cloud Album The Sleep Issue Genre Post-Rock | Ambient Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Soundcloud Label — Release 01 March 2013 Rating: Very Good It takes quite a bit these days to keep me interested in an album. Novelty wears off very fast, and if I’m asked to review something, I know I’m going to […]

Autism – The Crawling Chaos

Artist Autism Album The Crawling Chaos Genre Post-Rock  | Post-Metal Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 18 April 2013 Rating: — After releasing a digital debut EP “Falling Motion”, which got quite positive reactions from post rock fans all over the globe, AUTISM has released a brand new album “The Crawling Chaos”. This release […]

Puercoespín Fantasma – Revista Onírica

Artist Puercoespín Fantasma Album Revista Onírica Genre Post-Rock  | experimental Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 12 April 2013 Rating: — A little slow to start, this EP blossoms into a beautiful blend of guitar work, cello and harmonizing. The South American influence found on this EP adds a strong layer of depth and […]

Arbor Lights – Hatherton Lake

Artist Arbor Lights Album Hatherton Lake Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 01 July 2013 Rating: Excellent As a musician should you always be striving to do something nobody else has done before? In the musical world, where the phrase “It’s all been done before” gets bandied around by those who fail […] – Outside from the Inside

Artist Album Outside from the Inside Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 09 May 2013 Rating: — 6 fragments of life, 6 little stories told through guitar, bass and violin riffs and drum patterns. This is “Outside from the inside”,’s debut album. Rage, sorrow, but also hope, love, gloom. A […]