Tyranny is Tyranny – Let It Come From Whom It May

Let It Come From Whom It May cover art

Artist Tyranny is Tyranny
Album Let It Come From Whom It May
Genre Post-Metal | Noise
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Label Phratry Records
Release 13 July 2013

Madison WI post-noiserock focusing on dynamics, repetition, and the dismantling of capitalism. Tyranny Is Tyranny is the title of the fourth chapter of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States.”

“We were not born critical of existing society. There was a moment in our lives (or a month, or a year) when certain facts appeared before us, startled us, and then caused us to question beliefs that were strongly fixed in our consciousness — embedded there by years of family prejudices, orthodox schooling, imbibing of newspapers, radio, and television. This would seem to lead to a simple conclusion: that we all have an enormous responsibility to bring to the attention of others information they do not have, which has the potential of causing them to rethink long-held ideas.” — Howard Zinn