You Bred Raptors seeking Drummer

(IamHopYou Bred Raptors is currently seeking a new drummer. Below is their ad found on Craigslist. Think you might be a potential candidate? Hit these guys up, they are really cool dudes with a unique sound and style..)

We are a highly successful trio looking for a new drummer to fill out this posse. . . or if you’re on the other side, a bandito outfit. We are comprised of 8 string electric bass, cello, 2 glockenspiels and drums. The band’s name is ‘YOU BRED RAPTORS?’ It’s a question. Wanna fight about it? We have been quite successful in the NYC area for the past 3 years playing shows at the Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory, Public Assembly, Galapagos, Jacob Javits Center, The Rock Shop, The Cake Shop etc etc. Recently our drummer left to focus on work and so we are in the position to fill this void in our hearts. We have a MASSIVE online following (almost 10K on Facebook alone), steady income at every show, seasonal touring along the East Coast and connections to open up for touring bands in NYC.

Our latest music video:

We are in the Music Under New York program (with permits) playing both weekly subway shows as well as venue shows all over the 3 boroughs (no one counts Staten Island as a borough anyway).

We have been featured in New York Magazine, the Deli, The New Yorker and Bass Guitar Magazine as well as various and numerous online publications/blogs. The music is instrumental, gratifying, challenging, and has a Post-Rock feel with elements of Classical, Jazz, Metal and Hip-Hop. If you know or like any of the following bands, you might get a musical boner for what we do.

– Explosions in the Sky
– Russian Circles
– Wintergatan
– Scale the Summit
– Pelican
– Buckethead
– Primus
– Mogwai
– Tortoise

Yes, we wear masks and scientist outfits. Yes, we have an entire back story that you would be hurled into, but the experience is TOTALLY tits. We play to an absurd amount of people during subway performances and hit more demographics than any other touring band because of that. This translates to a huge built in audience for venue shows/other events. We have released two LPs and an EP, all of which have been very successful in sales. We have decided on using the rest of this summer to regroup with a new drummer and prep for Fall recording. We have 12 new songs ready to be recorded (all of which we have live recordings of in one form or another).

Here’s what we need from you:

– NOT a hired gun. We need a full time member who gives a shit about the project and isn’t just looking to get paid. We have the money, we just don’t have the time to print out an I9 and W4 form for you.

– A Flexible Schedule. Lots of shows and rehearsals. We reside and practice in Astoria. We also have a monthly residence here.

– Proper Gear. We are willing to purchase a new drumkit for subway performances but your own kit is essential. We have a practice space in the area for a reasonable monthly cost.

– Musical Versatility. Don’t be one of those wiener priests who can only recite one style of music. We love all types of music and while we use elements from each, this position is all about pushing boundaries of the unusual and striving to make new and interesting sounds.

– Reading music is a plus but not mandatory: The former drummer has parts written for glockenspiel and drums that we are used to. Look at it, make it your own, high five… out.

– Willing to learn glockenspiel is a plus but not mandatory.

You will get paid but the band fund is always the favorite child. We have a bank account. We are stupidly professional. Our money goes to merch, CD’s, recording costs and Chex Mix. We’re currently working on a new album, scoring the new film from TROMA pictures and are in talks with a few minor labels. . . We don’t want to get bogged down by unnecessary bullshit. Long story short, this is a serious commitment and is demanding of attention/effort, all of which will be paid for in dollars, friendship, and great times playing/creating music.

If this sounds awesome (and it is), don’t be shy.

Please contact us! Or we’ll take a toaster bath!

You Bred Raptors?