Skyed Pillars – Cloud Opus

Cloud Opus cover art

Artist Skyed Pillars
Album Cloud Opus
Genre Post-Rock | Post-Metal
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Release 20 June 2013

Hailing from Munich, Germany, Skyed Pillars is the moniker behind the solo work of Christian P. Bassett , a musician that strives to deliver a really personal take on post rock, blending elements of post-metal as well as cinematic influences, not unlike seminal genre pioneers such as Explosions in The Sky or Stars of the lid.

Cloud Opus deals with how emotions often control the way in which we think. We are often faced with 2 choices. One choice relies on our emotions and on our instinct, your ‘gut’ if you will. The other choice relies purely on logic. The logical choice is not often the right choice, but the emotional choice will definitely be the most difficult, which is why we have an ongoing fight that takes place deep within ourselves. I use certain weather types to associate with different feelings, hence, Cloud Opus.
Listen, and you will understand what i am talking about, hopefully.
On a sidenote: The purpose of this record is to be up-lifting.