Palms – Palms

Artist Palms Album Palms Genre Post-Rock | Post-Metal | Experimental Buy/DL Bluecollar Distro | Itunes Web | Facebook Label ipecac Release 25 June 2013 Rating:  Average I’m in an interesting position here. This is a fairly big name group, consisting of members from two of my favorite bands, and yet, I wish it wasn’t. […]

Den Svenska Adeln – Riter & Teorem

Artist Den Svenska Adeln Album Riter & Teorem Genre Post-Rock  | Experimental Buy/DL Bandcamp Web — Label — Release 11 May 2013 Rating: — Throughout the ages and in this now – from the dawn of time until the end of ages – mankind has been and is still searching for purpose. We say: be […]

Collapse Under the Empire – The Silent Cry

Artist Collapse Under the Empire Album The Silent Cry Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook | Website Label Sister Jack Release 12 April 2013 Rating: Solid Collapse Under the Empire should need little introduction this time around. The well oiled post-rock machine from Germany has released a high caliber, finely tuned and excellently crafted album […]

Jungle Urban Lounge – Colors

Artist Jungle Urban Lounge Album Colors Genre Post-Rock  | Electronic Buy/DL Soundcloud | Jamendo Web Facebook Label — Release 11 May 2013 Rating: — Unique one man project out of Lyon, France. Colors is the second EP of Jungle Urban Lounge. Its name is due to a kind of synesthesia of its author whose the […]

You Bred Raptors seeking Drummer

(IamHop – You Bred Raptors is currently seeking a new drummer. Below is their ad found on Craigslist. Think you might be a potential candidate? Hit these guys up, they are really cool dudes with a unique sound and style..) We are a highly successful trio looking for a new drummer to fill out this […]

Skyed Pillars – Cloud Opus

Artist Skyed Pillars Album Cloud Opus Genre Post-Rock | Post-Metal Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Release 20 June 2013 Rating: — Hailing from Munich, Germany, Skyed Pillars is the moniker behind the solo work of Christian P. Bassett , a musician that strives to deliver a really personal take on post rock, blending elements of […]

Balloons Kill Babies – Leviathan

Artist Balloons Kill Babies Album Leviathan Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 20 July 2013 Rating: Average Balloons Kill Babies emailed me to review this on an old blog. I said I would and have brought it with me to PostRockStar. If I was not reviewing it I do not think I […]

Behzad Mehrnoosh – Himlavalvet

Artist Behzad Mehrnoosh Album Himlavalvet Genre Post-Rock | Ambient Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 5 March 2013 Rating: — “Solo project. All songs on all albums are written, recorded, mixed, mastered and released independently by me. Mostly instrumental. Sometimes I sing a little.” –Behzad Mehrnoosh .

Bergmál – Saker man tänker på när det tyst

Artist Bergmál Album Saker man tänker på när det tyst Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label — Release 31 March 2013 Rating: Very Good The one thing that has time and time again irked me about the post-rock genre is the lack of thought that goes into some band’s album  artwork. I understand it […]

game.SET.match – set and setting live in Seattle

My ears are still ringing and my adrenaline is still flowing. I can still feel the powerful performance given by set and setting deep within my veins. On what should have been an ordinary Sunday night in a nothing to write home about dive bar in the college district of Seattle, there are a select […]