Meanings – Things Do Get Better

Artist Things Do get Better
Album Meanings
Genre Post-Rock / Drone
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Label Independent
Release 17 February 2013
Rating: Very Good

(IamHopToday we have a special guest reviewer. Please welcome Natscho to postrockstar.)

Meanings released the EP ‘Things do get better’ on 17 February so it is relatively new. This artist’s compositions are really interesting and I’m sure that he has a lot to offer in the future. The EP consists of 4 short tracks with total length of 10:71 it is not time-consuming so I would recommend it to everyone.

To begin with, the first track “The Earth is a cold dead place” opens with ambient-like flying synthesizer melodies which can, to say, hypnotize and prepare the listener for the great composition. Then, long guitar riffs and accompanying not-so-loud drums enter the amazing song. It is a kind of sad and I consider this track as my favorite in the EP. “Why Are We Here” is the second song which starts with slow delayed guitar notes and an even slower bass line. The evocative second part of the track introduces more aggressive guitars and more desperate melodies, which remind of the Drone music. The track is absolutely worth listening and I recommend it.

“Backbones” is the shortest one (1:36) and it has only one bass line in it. In my view, “Backbones” is the intro to the final “Are not complete without a company” as it follows its notes. In the end, the 4th track is keeling me back and forth between bright emotions and some kind of desperate feelings. “Are not complete without a company” perfectly fits into its place since it is actually the more aggressive one. In the end of the track, Meanings let it flow into the space with melodic echoed and delayed guitars and synthesizers.

In a nutshell, ‘Things do get better’ is really worth listening and I can rate it as ‘Very Good’.