Seas of Years – Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift cover art

Artist Sea of Years
Album Ocean Rift
Genre Post-Rock /Instrumental
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Label Independent
Release 4-20-13
Rating Very Good

Stockholm’s Sea of Years are a young band, incepted in the summer of 2012, by four gentlemen who had not previously played this style of music. You could have fooled me.

 “Ocean Rift” is solid and competent like good brickwork. While there are few innovations here, the album flows beautifully, quite well ordered and structured. I feel like I’m listening to a band that’s 2 full lengths into their career.

 The four tracks on Ocean Rift,” “Surface,” “Correspondence,” “Harbor,” and “Lighthouse” are cohesive and fulfilling. Songs are multi-tiered and nicely thought out. The subtle integration of field recordings adds a great sense of textured ambience, and the few electronic instrumentations sound great and are never overpowering or out of place. Things are built up from echoes to majestic without pomp or overstatement.

 In terms of reference, Seas of Years reminds me a bit of early Tristeza. The fellows behind this band are no strangers to their instruments, or songwriting, as they all clock time with more metal-based groups. Its interesting to try hear to the influences those outfits and styles may have had on “Ocean Rift” as it in itself is not what I would call post-metal.

 Production is handled by Guitarist/Programmer Jari Lindolm, and it’s obvious to my ears this isn’t his first foray into the studio environment. Everything is crisp and sits well in the mix. Cymbals stand out nicely, and the bass is especially meaty, which fits these songs very well.

 My one gripe about this collection is that it’s not the most original sound. This whole thing screams third wave. However, that being said, its very good third wave played and recorded very well. I’m pretty sure that’s the intention here, and, if so, Seas of Years has succeeded greatly.