I Hear Sirens – Between Conciousness and Sleep

Artist I Hear Sirens Album Between Conciousness and Sleep Genre Post-Rock Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook, Site Label Independent Release 7 May 2013 Rating: Good Salt Lake City’s I Hear Sirens have released a compelling album with “Between Consciousness and Sleep.”  While not reinventing the wheel, they have continued the tradition of post-rock as extension of […]

RQTN – Passenger EP

Artist RQTN Album Passenger Genre Post-Classical, Instrumental Buy/DL Bandcamp Web  Facebook Label Independent Release 1 March 2013 Rating: Excellent I don’t know what it is about the French that makes their atmospherics so coercive and moving. From Alcest to Para One, and from Air to M83, they just keep it coming with transcendent atmosphere and […]

Meanings – Things Do Get Better

Artist Things Do get Better Album Meanings Genre Post-Rock / Drone Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Label Independent Release 17 February 2013 Rating: Very Good (IamHop — Today we have a special guest reviewer. Please welcome Natscho to postrockstar.) Meanings released the EP ‘Things do get better’ on 17 February so it is relatively new. This artist’s […]

We.Own.The.Sky – “The Glass/Nails EP”

Artist We.Own.The.Sky Album The Glass/Nails EP Genre Post Metal/Post-rock, Experimental, Ambient Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Independent Release 1-13-13 Rating EXCELLENT Amazing. Another fairly young band, in a foreign land, totally killing it. I’m actually getting sick of liking this much music. At some point I’m sure I’ll have the cathartic pleasure to review a […]

set and setting – “Equanimity”

Artist set and setting Album Equanimity Genre Post-rock/Post Metal, Ambient Buy/DL Bandcamp | Science of Silence Web Facebook Label Science of Silence Release 6-04-13 Rating Very Good At first listen, I was tempted to write St. Petersburg Florida’s set and setting’s “Equanimity” off as just another status quo third wave band.  I’m sure you’re familiar with this sort […]

Stream Palms (ex-Isis, Chino Moreno) full album now!

I don’t feel like I need to say too much to entice you to check this album out. Palms is a super group featuring Chino Moreno of the Deftones along with several members of Isis and their highly anticipated debut is now streaming IN FULL! Have a listen here. The album officially drops on June […]

Seas of Years – Ocean Rift

Artist Sea of Years Album Ocean Rift Genre Post-Rock /Instrumental Buy/DL Bandcamp Web Facebook Label Independent Release 4-20-13 Rating Very Good Stockholm’s Sea of Years are a young band, incepted in the summer of 2012, by four gentlemen who had not previously played this style of music. You could have fooled me.  “Ocean Rift” is […]

Alexander Delarge – Selected Works (demo)

The second album we’re posting today is something of a detour from the type of music we normally promote on Postrockstar. ‘Selected Works’ is more of an electronic / Neo-classic piano oriented release. I don’t expect all of our readers to enjoy this particular genre, but if you’re looking for something different that shares a […]