Psycho Tree – Black January

Artist Psycho Tree Album Black January Genre Post-Rock / Progressive / Experimental Buy/DL VK (Translate the page) Web Facebook Label Independent Release 2013 Rating Very Good (IamHop note – A BIG thanks for Erich Heider for writing this review. This release is truly a gem.) Thanks to the gods of the internet (and IamHop) I […]

Goodbye Earth – The Day (ep)

Ukraine based band presents their debut EP. A raw post-rock prowess that showcases unique guitar work. 

A Sudden Burst of Color – Reborn EP

  Instrumental based rock music based around atmospheric / ambient textures and melodies. The band began around the start of 2012 and this is their debut EP.  Second EP due shortly. ‘Reborn’ is a spacious and lively EP that effortlessly weaves together elements of third wave post-rock and ambient roots.

Lost in Kiev – Motions

I’m not really sure how we missed this release last year. Yesterday we satisfied our Ambient readers. Time to crank things up as we head into the weekend.  Very impressive stuff. Check it out and leave a comment below!

North Atlantic Drift – Monuments

Fans of ambient/drone should be in for a real treat. As always, leave a comment letting us know what you think! We love to read other people’s take on the music we post and the bands greatly appreciate the feedback.

Where did all the reviews go?

I’ve stopped writing music reviews because after 10 months and 150 reviews my listening habits have gotten drastically worse and my overall enjoyment of all music has severely decreased to the point where listening to new music and writing reviews is no longer fun. I love music too much to keep doing this to myself, […]