New Pre-Cloudkicker Ben Sharp compilation availble on bandcamp! cover artBen Sharp, better known as the mastermind behind djent turned post-rock powerhouse Cloudkicker, has released through bandcamp a series of recordings that he made available through myspace in 2005-2006. Most of this 32-track compilation has been available online but was rather difficult to find unless you knew where to look. By posting it on his bandcamp, Sharp has made it much more accessible for Cloudkicker fans to check out some of his earlier recordings.  As always with Cloudkicker, the release has been made available at “name your price” meaning it can be had for free if you desire. This massive compilation is definitely a must have for Cloudkicker fans. You can get the compilation here.

Cloudkicker released ‘Fade‘ last year to rave reviews across the net including a review of 98% from postrockstar.