Consciousness Removal Project – Tacit

Tacit cover art

Artist Consciousness Removal Project
Album ‘Tacit’
Genre Post-metal
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Web Official Website / Facebook
Label Independent
Release Jan 3 2013
Rating Excellent

Every so often you discover a band that really sweeps you off your feet from the moment you first hear them. Sometimes that band will be a brand new band releasing their debut album. Other times you just have to face palm and realize that you’re late to the party, discovering a band that may have been around for a while that you just haven’t come across for whatever reason. For me, Consciousness Removal Project is that band. The one-man post-metal project from Tampere, Finland has quite a collective of material to their name. Their newest material, ‘Tacit‘ was released on January 3rd and is a mind-blowing 8-track 48 minute moody post-metal experience that immediately ranks among my favorite post-metal albums ever.

The way that ‘Tacit‘ begins would in no way lead you to believe what you are truly getting yourself into. The two-minute slow and somber jazz saxophone intro of “Colossus I: Legacy” is a mood setter that masks the mammoth post-metal riffs that lie ahead. The albums main focus is primarily the 4 part Colossus series that is broken up throughout the album that shares many similarities in style, riffs and composure. The series is about the rise and fall of a super computer that holds the data of those who entrust it with their memories, letting their own memories decay in the process. Unquestionably my favorite part of the series is nearly 5 minutes into “Colossus II: Thrashing” when sludge-inspired chugging guitar work replicates the saxaphone intro. Upon my first play through this reprisal blew my mind. The sheer creativity and craftsmanship behind these four tracks is quite a lot to take in upon first listen. You really need to give this record several listens before truly understanding the scope of musical genius behind it. The four-part series spans approximately 21 minutes of the album is downtrodden post-metal of the highest order and deserves recognition for easily being among the best multi-part post-anything series I’ve ever heard.

That being said, there are four other tracks on this album that are equally fantastic in their own right. The albums second track, “Mercurial” starts with a bassy atmospheric blend of sounds including clean guitar that sort of flutters in and out of the mix at will. Later on in the track things take a turn for the heavy as monstrously distorted guitar rears its ugly head as if to say “play times is over”. The way Antti Loponen, the brainchild behind Consciousness Removal Project, is able to make these smooth transitions at ease and let the heavier side really sneak up on you is really a beauty to behold. “Decay Practice” is another good example of this and is primarily a riff centric track with some crazy atmospheric synth work in the middle of the track.

“Lost Mnemonics” is a much shorter, transitional track that opens with clean acoustic guitar that is shortly joined by dark piano. As the track winds down it becomes eerily intense with deep aura-like bass in a calm before the storm moment. This feeling persists through the intro of “The Unknown Known“, the albums final and longest song at over 10 minutes long. The first few minutes of the track is filled with uncertain calmness that builds upon itself ever so slowly. The occasional piano note becomes a more defined pattern as early guitar work plays along to drive the track forward. You can just tell the track is building up towards an epic final push and it certainly doesn’t fail to impress. In the final three minutes of the song every element the band has put into the album really comes full circle for one last time. The sludgey Jesu-like chugging that blends brilliantly with the howling guitars, the slow methodical pacing, the resounding atmospheric presence delivered with calculated precision. When combine it makes for one hell of a musical experience. This is one album that simply doesn’t back down and commands your full attention to fully appreciate.

To be honest the real question I’ve been asking myself lately is how could I possibly have made it this far without discovering a band like this? With four previous releases under their belt dating back to 2008, I feel almost ashamed that I’ve just now discovered the brilliance that is Consciousness Removal Project. Their atmospheric and sometimes symphonic approach to post-metal is definitely a breath of fresh air and is certainly the sort of unique traits I look for in a post-metal bands. I’ve never particularly been a fan of music that is loud just for the sake of being loud. For me to listen to agonizing screams or relentlessly heavy guitar work it either needs to be melodic or I need to experience the passion in band’s music. Consciousness Removal Project fills both of those needs and I can safely say that ‘Tacit’ or actually any of the band’s releases for that matter won’t be leaving my Ipod anytime soon.