Changes to Post-Rockstar in 2013!

We cannot give enough thanks to all of our readers and all of the bands  that helped make 2012 a very successful first year for Postrockstar. We have some big changes in store for 2013 as we move onto a new year and start with a clean slate. As you may have noticed, we are […]

Bells – Our Forest, Our Empire – 91%

In our final 2012 album review we have none other than Lancaster’s own Bells. I have to admit that I totally missed the ball on Bell’s latest album ‘Our Forest, Our Empire‘ when it was released back in August. I knew about the album far before the band even announced anywhere that they were working […]

The American Dollar offering full discography for free!

Earlier this week on facebook, electronic post-rockers The American Dollar, who released ‘Awake in the City’ in 2012, announced they were giving back to their fans by offering one of their ten releases for free every single day for the first 10 days to kick off 2013. As the albums will be put up as […]

We Always Think That There Will Be More Time – Unreviewed albums of 2012 Part 6

Six more albums for you to sink your teeth into as our week of unreviewed albums of 2012 continues.. Coastlands – ‘Abduction EP’ Ambient post-rock from Oregon $7 on bandcamp Coastlands on facebook Coastlands – ‘Home, Again’ Ambient Post-rock from Oregon $3 on bandcamp Coastlands on facebook Towns in Time – ‘Reaching Skyline EP’ 3-piece […]

New album by The Appleseed Cast announced, plus song premiere

Emo darlings turned post-rock perfectionists The Appleseed Cast have recently announced their eighth studio album, ‘Illumination Ritual’, which is to be released on April 9th 2013 via Graveface Records. In the meantime, Graveface Records has made the song “North Star Ordination” — The Appleseed Cast‘s contribution to Graveface Records’ Coalition for the Homeless fundraising efforts — available to stream for free. […]

Download Deep Elm Records “POSTROCKOLOGY” compilation for free now!

Deep Elm Records and post-rock simply go hand in hand. The independent label bolsters a roster that includes post-rock veterans such as The Appleseed Cast, Dorena, Goonies Never Say Die and Moonlight Sailor. Recently the band put up the compilation ‘POSTROCKOLOGY” on their site for free as a way to introduce post-rock to the masses […]


Helsinki’s own HANDLINGNOISE almost slipped under our 2012 radar. In all fairness though the band’s potential almost slipped under their own radar 5 years ago. Originally formed for a one-off performance, the band noticed their potential and after finding a drummer and began recording in 2008 what would eventually be their first full length album. […]

We Always Think That There Will Be More Time – Unreviewed albums of 2012 Part 5

We continue our  unreviewed albums of 2012 series with 5 more great albums… The Album Leaf – ‘Forward/Return EP’ electronic post-rock Available for $7 on amazon The Album Leaf Facebook Ash of Nubia – ‘Medemia Argun‘ Post-Rock from Torino Free on bandcamp Ash of Nubia Facebook Lymbyc Systym – ‘Symbolyst’ New York based Post-Rock Available […]

Results for Post-Rock’s (fb) 2012 Listener’s choice awards posted

Post-Rock on facebook has just released the results from their polls taken last month regarding the Top 50 albums of the year and the top 10 new artists of 2012.  Those results can be found here and includes bandcamp links to every band mentioned. There are plenty of bands to be found that Postrockstar did […]

We Always Think That There Will Be More Time – Unreviewed albums of 2012 Part 4

As we enter 2013 we take a look back at albums we think you might be interested in that we were unable to review.. Colaris – ‘Renewal’ Post-Metal from Germany $10 on bandcamp Colaris Faceook page Good Weather For An Airstrike – ‘Underneath the Stars’ Ambient Post-rock/dreampop Name your price on bandcamp Good Weather for […]