Long Distance Calling unveil upcoming album artwork, new song

Long Distance Calling — a heavy post-rock band from Germany — have just unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album ‘The Flood Inside’, along with a song from that album, entitled “Ductus”, for free download. See below for the artwork and a link to download “Ductus” (note: downloading requires you to submit your email address). Download “Ductus” […]

Staff Picks – ShaneXedge’s top 10 albums of 2012

We continue staff picks week with our residential guru of all things loud ShaneXedge. Shane prefers Shoegaze and the heavier side of the Post-Rock and Post-Metal genres and before writing for Postrockstar was a PR writer for several online retailers including ThinkGeek. He is also a founding member of the Post-Rock &Beyond room on Turntable.fm […]

Staff Picks – Jerome Marshall’s top 5 albums of 2012

As we continue our staff picks week, today we have 23 year old Jerome Marshall who hails from Texas and is a postrockstar writer, blogger and a copywriter for an ad agency. His favorite bands include This Will Destroy You, If These Trees Could Talk and Giraffes? Giraffes! 1. If These Trees Could Talk – […]

Free Mental Architects album, New Caspian Tour Dates, X-Suns merch

Mental Architects have put the finishing touches on their outstanding 2012 by offering their fans a free download of a recent live show through their bandcamp page. Recorded in Romania, ‘Live at Gambrinus Pub’  is the release and for a live release is shockingly high quality. If you enjoyed their ‘Celebrations‘ album that was released […]

Staff Picks – Bryan’s top 10 albums & songs of 2012

This week is staff picks week at Postrockstar! Each day we will be posting our writers favorite songs and albums of 2012. This will lead into to our big 2012 Year End Awards special in roughly a week. Our first staff picks article comes courtesy of Bryan, a well accomplished writer from Pennsylvania. Bryan is […]

Amenra – Mass V – 99%

My love for post-metal is no secret, but I’m also somewhat picky about it. Most of the stuff that falls into this category that’s more on the “djent” (I hate that word so much) end of things is not my cup of tea. The other tricky aspect for me is vocals. When it comes to […]

Russian Circles announce tour dates!

Post-Rock all stars Russian Circles are hitting the road in 2013 in support of Between the Buried and Me as well as Coheed & Cambria. This seems like an excellent opportunity for Russian Circles and a great chance for the band to help bring the post-rock genre to the fan bases of two bands who […]

We Always Think That There Will Be More Time – Unreviewed albums of 2012 Part 8

We’ve reached the end of our series. Here are just a few more bands that deserve recognition for their 2012 releases.. Jet Plane – ‘All the Static Stars’ Beautiful Russian Post-Rock on Oxide-Tones Name your price on bandcamp Jet Plane on facebook Svarta  Stugan – ‘Svarta Stugan’ Experimental Swedish Post-rock $3 on bandcamp Svarta Stugan […]

October Wolves turn to Kickstarter to Fund Mixing/Mastering/vinyl Costs

Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore/Indie band October Wolves are looking for your help to fund the mixing/mastering of their upcoming EP “We are Alive”, due out in March on Globe Garage Records. The band is seeking a reasonable sum of $500 as the kickstarter runs all throughout January. A donation of $7 will get you a digital copy as […]

We Always Think That There Will Be More Time – Unreviewed albums of 2012 Part 7

It’s Saturday but that doesn’t mean we’re taking the weekend off. Part 7 of our ongoing series starts now.. HarborLights – Forest Fires Ambient post-rock from Boston Name your price on bandcamp HarborLights on facebook Gifts From Enola – A Healthy Fear High energy post-rock from Virginia $6 on bandcamp Gifts from Enola on facebook […]