Courtesy of Post-Rock(Facebook) : Top 300 songs + 50 bands deserving more attention playlists

Our friends Post-Rock on Facebook gave their 40,000+ followers a gigantic Holiday gift today by releasing two youtube playlists full of post-rock goodness. The first is their personal Top 300 post-rock tracks of all time that tallies up to an astounding 27 hours of music! The second playlist, which Postrockstar believes is the true gem, […]


All in all I’d like to thank everyone who sent in a ballot to be a part of our first annual Holiday contest! We received over 100 entries for the contest. Thank you for flooding our inbox with your entries and kind words. We collected a list of all the email addresses and sent them […]

Holiday contest winners to be posted Monday

We apologize for the delay in announcing winners for the Holiday contest. A wordpress error prevented a scheduled posting from being published to the site yesterday afternoon resulting in that posting being lost in the system for all of eternity. Unfortunately none of us are available this weekend to properly rewrite that posting (I’m currently […]

*Ancients – Star Showers on the Euphrates – 83%

*Ancients are a post-rock supergroup formed from the ashes of atmospheric metal band Rinoa. Along for the ride are drummer Daniel Hoang of Crydebris and Mehdi Safa of *shels. With this, ‘Star Showers on the Euphrates’ is an expansive exploration into atmosphere and bombast. This primarily instrumental album begins in an understated fashion, with background […]

Postmadonna – INTRODUCING POSTMADONNA (ep) – 90%

(IamHop note: Please welcome Tim D. to Postrockstar. Tim is a musician who currently plays bass for Seattle-area band Syas ( . Going forward, Tim will be bringing us music reviews and coverage of bands discovered through his involvement with the local music scene. ) If you believe that first impressions are the most important […]

Just a few days left to sign up for our Holiday contest!

Postrockstar is proud to announce our first annual Holidays Giveaway Contest!  This contest is an excellent opportunity for us to give back to all of our loyal readers, followers and fans who are solely responsible for the success this website has seen through our first year. This contest will also be open to all worldwide. […]

Mono: Live at Leicester Cathedral — 12/07/12

Standing motionless in the archway of a church porch; looking out on the rain lightly fluttering against the dark night’s sky. The sound of Japan’s Mono soundchecking with “Pure as Snow (Trails of the Winter Storm)” from inside of Leicester Cathedral was majestic; whether from the music or the winter weather, I had chills. To […]

We always think there is going to be more time – Unreviewed albums of 2012 Pt 1.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to review every single release that came out in 2012 that we would have liked to.  However, we still encourage you to check out the following bands and any others we might have missed as there are likely many gems still waiting to be discovered. Goodbye, Titan – ‘Real Life Awaits […]

Balmorhea – Stranger – 95%

I first found out about Balmorhea sometime last year, thanks to the Post-Rock & Beyond room on, and have been absolutely hooked since then. This seven piece band from Austin, TX (what are they putting in the water there?) takes something of a more minimalist approach to the post-rock genre, and they absolutely nail […]

Maserati – Maserati VII – 87%

My first introduction to Maserati was just last year when I became obsessed with their 2010 album ‘Pyramid of the Sun‘ . Similar to bands such as El Ten Eleven, Lite and Dorena, their style of post-rock is infectiously and obnoxiously catchy, relying on loops, patterns and electronic beats to help forge their sound. With […]