2012 Year End Review Round Up

Orbit Over Luna – 京都​/​奈良 – Kyōto​/​Nara EP – 87% Orbit over Luna is the work of Shannon Penner from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a primarily an ambient instrumental project that occasionally crosses into post-rock territory. Penner lists all the usual suspects you would expect to find as his influences: Hammock, Boards of Canada, […]

Sunlight Ascending – Leaving My Waiting Room – 94%

Sunlight Ascending are a Michigan-based post-rock band who recently partook in the growing trend of using Kickstarter as a way to finance their latest release. ‘Leaving My Waiting Room’ managed to successfully hit it’s financing goal and as a result Postrockstar has one final album to review as we say goodbye to 2012. The unsigned […]

Psychojet – The Sea is Never Full – 84%

Psychojet is a four piece band from Belfast that Postrockstar writer Zicowoods plays bass in. I promised him that when his band released their album one of us would gladly review it, but make no mistake, there will be no favoritism shown here. Released earlier this month, Psychojet‘s debut release is ‘The Sea is Never […]

Echotide – As Our Floodlights Gave Way to Dawn – 98%

Australia has been a great source for post/math-rock in recent years, with bands such as sleepmakeswaves, Meniscus, This Is Your Captain Speaking and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving all finding critical acclaim and recognition world-wide. Echotide, from Brisbane, is the latest band to join the ranks. With its meandering trajectory and atmospheric explorations, ‘As Our Floodlights Gave […]

Rhone – Inter Sidera – 88%

Rhone are four piece post-rock band from Chicago, IL who describe themselves as a “new flavor to the genre” on their facebook page despite being only 9 months old. I was introduced to them through my friend and fellow post-rock addict Will Hough, who’s photography happens graces the cover of their debut album ‘Inter Sidera’. […]

We Always Think That There Will Be More Time – Unreviewed albums of 2012 Part 3

Here is  yet another installment of albums that we were unable to review in 2012 that we think you will enjoy.. Bear the Mammoth – ‘In Absence’ EP Powerful crescendo-based post-rock from Australia Available for $3 on bandcamp Bear the Mammoth facebook page Loipe -‘Loipe‘ Heavy Drone-based Post-Rock from Germany Available for free on bandcamp […]

Brian Eno – Lux – 97%

When I first started listening to post-rock and ambient music, one of the first albums I found was Brian Eno‘s ‘Music for Airports’. I remember sitting in my room, transfixed, as this new genre of music started to change the purview of my limited musical knowledge. I started listening to every ambient album I could […]

Obsidian Kingdom – Mantiis – 91%

Cutting right to the chase, Obsidian Kingdom‘s latest release, ‘Mantiis‘ could very well be the most equivocal album I have reviewed to date. What this five piece post-metal band from Barcelona has put together with their latest genre-crossing, boundary pushing release is something few other bands can lay claim to accomplishing. I can’t even began […]

Eversham – Eversham – 95%

The best post-rock holiday gift I received this year came courtesy of my recent decision to purchase Spotify premium. As I was three hours deep into a post-rock playlist I found, mostly spacing out to the familiarity of bands such as Caspian and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, an artist unbeknownst to me captured my imagination […]