El Ten Eleven Live in Seattle 11/10/12

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOWfvjx7RrY&feature=plcp]     Last weekend I had the privilege of seeing El Ten Eleven perform in my hometown of Seattle and it was by far the most unique post-rock concert I have ever been to. Their latest album, ‘Transitions‘, which received a 95% last month on Postrockstar,  has been in constant play in my headphones so […]

Reserve De Marche – The Last Twenty Years – 82%

Reserve De Marche are a 3-piece post-rock band from Moscow, Russia who combine soothing atmospheric post-rock landscapes with progressive-rock minded guitar riffs. After nearly two years together, the band has finally released their first full length album ‘The Last Twenty Years’, which features 3 new tracks and four remastered tracks from their 2011 demo. The […]

EF – Delusions of Grandeur – 90%

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of EF’s new EP Delusions of Grandeur is that, in the span of less than thirty minutes, it makes you seriously contemplate what is going on with this record. This is in no way a bad thing. EF uses everything at their disposable (guitar, drums, horns, vocals, you name it) […]

La Mar – La Mar – 82%

La Mar is a 4 piece from Caracas, Venezuela who bring to the table an interesting mixture of post-rock textures combined with post-metal intensity. Their debut self titled album, released earlier this year in May is 46 minutes long spanned across 9 tracks.  The thing I’ve really grown to like about La Mar is how […]

Postrockstar to start offering concert photos, videos, reviews and setlists!

In an effort to expand our horizons and diversify our content you will began to see new features such a concert reports, photo galleries, live videos and set lists appearing on the site in the coming weeks. While up to this point we’ve only offered music reviews, it’s our goal to transform Postrockstar into a […]

Review Roundup: Qualia – “Kaleidoscopes” – 79%, “Resonance” – 86% and “Ambient Improvisations” – 77%

In today’s review round up we take a look at Qualia’s latest offerings. With these releases, Qualia has now put out six albums this year! Quite an impressive amount of content. Qualia – Kaleidoscopes – 79% The one man project from Cambs, UK has had quite the 2012 producing 6 albums worth of content. While […]

Bend the Sky – Origins – 79%

What this Australian 4-piece produce is very unique, at least within the post-metal/instrumental sphere. ‘Origins‘ is their first full length album but they have a very mature sound for a band who’ve only been together for two years. Owing much to Meshuggah’s percussive riffing, time signature shifts and key changes, Bend The Sky produce, as […]

Roundtable Review #2 – Godspeed You! Black Emperor – “Alleujah! Don’t Bend Ascend” – 85%

In our latest installment of roundtable review, we tackle the legendary Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s  ‘Alleujah! Don’t Bend Ascend’ , their first album in 10 years. Our writers were highly divided on this album and this will definitely be one of the more controversial installments of the series. Shooter:  With ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!’, Godspeed […]

Toundra – III – 97%

Formed in Late 2007, Toundra are a 4-piece post-metal/post-rock band from Madrid, Spain. Toundra have three releases to their name, I, II, and III, each release being substantially better than the last one. Released in 2009, I is brooding, mysterious and set the groundwork for the band’s signature sound. From there, we got II in […]