They’re so close! Help Sunlight Ascending fund their album by preordering through their Kickstarter!

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Sunlight Ascending, a post-rock/shoegaze band from Detroit, are seeking the help of their fans to help fund the release of their upcoming album ‘Leaving My Waiting Room‘ in physical format! Instead of asking for hand outs, the band has taken to a kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise money through preorders. 25 lucky individuals will snag the new album in it’s entirety for only $1 but only after waiting 2 weeks.  For just $6 you can ensure you’ll have a digital copy c day it comes out on December 6th. For just four more dollars ($10) you’ll get a physical copy of the album in CD format. The deals only get better from there as the more high end preorders offer T-shirts, Posters, Vinyls and more. And if you really have cash to spend, the band will even write a song about one of your life experiences, which is just a ridiculously cool offer.

So you say you’ve never heard Sunlight Ascending before? Well what better what to start than to  grab everything the band has ever put out on bandcamp for whatever you feel like paying! The small but relentlessly hardworking band generously offers their discography for $0 minimum via their bandcamp page.  As of this writing their kickstarter is nearly 2/3rds of the way funded with 13 days left in the campaign. Lets go ahead and help push their kickstarter over the goal so that Postrockstar can have another album to add to our monstrous backlog of albums to review!

Sunlight Ascending’s kickstarter can be found here 

Sunlight Ascending on bandcamp: