Vessels Live @ Broadcast, Glasgow, UK, November 21 2012

[youtube=] (IamHop — A big thanks to BC for sending us this great report of a recent Vessels show he attended!) Vessels are carrying out an experiment, they say. Tonight, for the very first time on a stage anywhere, they are abandoning the majority of their guitars in favor of a multitude of synths and […]

Valerinne – Kunstformen Der Natur – 84%

Valerinne are a 3 piece Drone/Shoegaze/Post-metal band from Bucharest, Romania. If memory serves me right this is the first Romanian band I’ve discovered from these genres. Despite being formed less than a year ago, they’ve already shared the stage with big name bands like Maybeshewill and Tides From Nebula. Their first full length ‘Kunstformen Der […]

The Littlest Viking – The Littlest Viking – 88%

Southern California’s The Littlest Viking return with the self-titled follow up to their 2009 debut, “Labor & Lust”, and pick up right where they left off, showcasing the super guitar work of Ruben Cortez and Christopher Gregory’s speedy, complex drumming. The duo hasn’t slowed a bit in these 3+ years, kicking things off with the […]

Niño Koi – La Pequeña Muerte – 94%

One of the greatest things to me about the ever-expanding genre of post-rock is the seemingly nonstop discovery of new bands. In most cases, they’re not even really “new”, just new to my ears. Case in point, Costa Rica’s Niño Koi, and their newest release, “La Pequeña Muerte”. Being wholly ignorant of any post-rock scene […]

Round Table Review #3 – The Calm Blue Sea – Arrivals & Departures – 80%

   In installment number three of our ongoing Round Table Review series we take a look at the new album ‘Arrivals & Departures’ from Texas natives The Calm Blue Sea. The album is the band’s first release in four years and the follow-up to their debut self titled in 2008. Before we began, Postrockstar gives […]

Dresda – Diluvio (Flood) – 81%

     Dresda are a 5-piece post-rock band out of Genoa, Italy who have just released ‘Diluvio‘, their second full length album and first release since their Soundtrack EP in 2010. I have been overjoyed by the amount of excellent material coming from Italy especially in the post-rock realm with releases from the likes of Magnetoscop. […]

The American Dollar – Ambient 3

The American Dollar are a two piece electronic post-rock band from New York who are among my very favorite artists in the post-rock genre. Now in their 7th year, their discography is chalked full of dreamy numbers that ease your mind of worry and put your soul in a safe place. The American Dollar is […]

Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay – 89%

(IamHop note: Please welcome ShanexEdge to Postrockstar! Shane is one of our go to guys for all things post-metal/doom-metal/heavy but he is also well versed in all things post-rock) Having had a good bit of time now to listen to “Honor Found In Decay”, the newest offering from Neurosis, I’ve really had a chance to let the […]

They’re so close! Help Sunlight Ascending fund their album by preordering through their Kickstarter!

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Sunlight Ascending, a post-rock/shoegaze band from Detroit, are seeking the help of their fans to help fund the release of their upcoming album ‘Leaving My Waiting Room‘ in physical format! Instead of asking for hand outs, the band has taken to a kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise […]