Lattitudes – Individuation – 78%

  (review by Erich B. Heider) U.K. based band Latitudes has made what may be the most interesting concept album I’ve heard this year. Then again, it could all be a coincidence. You see, the title, Individuation, may be referring to the Jungian idea of the formation of an singular identity, separate from others, and the process of doing so. This […]

Mono – For My Parents – 68%

(Iamhop: Please welcome Drew R. to postrockstar ! Drew is 27 years old and resides in London, England. His favorite bands include Mayshewill, Isis, *Shels , 65 Days of Static and This Will Destroy You. He has been listening to the genre for over a decade and is a web developer with a gnarly beard. […]

Big changes at Postrockstar this week! New Writers!

Postrockstar started off as a small side project three months ago and has slowly become an information hub for new and upcoming releases of all things post-rock. With increased traffic and increased demand from artists for album reviews, the workload and backlog was getting far too big for one person to handle. Over the course […]

Roan – The Avenue – 79%

From the depths of Sin City Las Vegas, Roan is a one man project that recently released “The Avenue” back in July. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Roan is that on his bandcamp page he lays out the meanings of each of the 8 tracks on the album. The 27 minute album kicks off […]

Afternoon – Between – 85%

“Between” is the first full length from Afternoon, a 5-piece post-rock band from Thailand that was formed in 2007. The album opens to the somewhat twisted sound of a gun being cocked repeatedly as it mimics the ticking of a clock. The band has no trouble effortlessly weaving their heavier moments into their generally calm […]

Across The Waves – War Ends, Misery Stays – 92%

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a lot of bands for everywhere on the globe, but this is a first. Across The Waves is an ambient/post-rock band from Tehran, Iran, a country caught in amidst hostile conflict and politics as middle east tensions rise. When I hear and think about the middle east all I […]

Rogue Sounds – Jupiter and Beyond The Infinite – 81%

Rogue Sounds started in 2008 ‘to create more accessible instrumental music’ and released a couple of demos and then their debut EP in 2010. They recently released this album, “Jupiter and Beyond The Infinite”, on March 10 of this year. I am happy to give this a listen and write a few words about my […]

We’re All Ghosts – We’re All Ghosts ep – 79%

We’re all ghosts is a 4-piece post-rock band from Baltimore, Maryland who released this self titled debut EP through bandcamp in August. Beyond that, they are a relatively unknown band even to Postrockstar, with only around 125 likes on Facebook and a bandcamp page as their only real web presence. After snooping around, I learned […]