Afternoon – Between – 85%

between cover art
“Between” is the first full length from Afternoon, a 5-piece post-rock band from Thailand that was formed in 2007. The album opens to the somewhat twisted sound of a gun being cocked repeatedly as it mimics the ticking of a clock. The band has no trouble effortlessly weaving their heavier moments into their generally calm vibe. Guitar tones sound lush and the large sound stage allows for instruments to really burst out at you. This combine with the solid guitar layering makes for some really unique moments throughout the album, like when the punchy distortion guitar forcefully interjects itself through the ambient guitar layers in the second track. Samples are scattered throughout the album as additional layers to the sound rather than focal points.

The most unique track on this album by far is the short “Scientist and Destroyer II”  which opens with a solo bass that is soon joined by a clean sounding guitar. The two partner together well until a second more aggressive guitar layer reminiscent of like 80’s surfer-punk appears from nowhere to shake things up. Drums collaborate with this guitar as the track really picks up a head of steam and evolves into a full blown post-rock blitz.

To me this band offers the perfect blend of distortion guitars without being too in your face. I often find myself wanting to listen to post-rock with distortion guitars minus the heavy drumming or the harsh vocals associated with the likes of post-metal. Other times I want to listen to an ambient band that won’t quite try to lull me to sleep with beautiful soundscapes. “Between” seems like the perfect album to fill both of those roles. Afternoon has all the heaviness of a post-metal/drone band without all the harshness. A great album worth checking out.

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